Brady High School reports first day agenda; schedule changes

Brady ISD will open the school year for all campuses on Monday, Aug. 27, although upper classmen at Brady High won’t be required to report to campus until 10 a.m. that first day. Incoming freshman need to report to school at 8 a.m. After a brief meeting in the auditorium, they will go through a shortened schedule with ten- minute classes. “We try to give the freshmen an opportunity to find their classrooms and lockers and meet their teachers before the upperclassmen arrive,” commented Principal Hector Martinez. “We have been doing this for the past three years, and the freshmen seem to find it less intimidating for them to come to school on the first day of school without a crowd of upperclassmen standing around,” he continued. Upperclassmen need to arrive at 10 a.m. unless they have a zero hour class. Zero hour will meet from 9:30-9:55 a.m. on the first day. After a short meeting in the auditorium, all students will follow the schedule below for the first day only. 10:00’All students and staff will report to the auditorium. 10:20’Class meeting will begin. Seniors will remain in the auditorium, juniors will move to the band hall, sophomores will meet in the old gym and freshmen will convene to the new gym. 10:55-11:25’first period 11:30-12:00’second period 12:05-12:35’third period 12:35-1:15’lunch 1:20-1:45’fourth period 1:50-2:15’fifth period 2:20-2:45’sixth period 2:50-3:15’seventh period 3:20-3:45’eighth period Several important papers will be handed out to students during class meetings. Students need to return all required papers to the first period teachers by Friday, Aug. 31, in order to receive a “free 100” daily grade in that class. There are some changes to the schedule this year. One is that most students will have eight 45- minutes classes, while some juniors and seniors will have two block classes of 90 minutes for dual credit (college) classes. Lunch will be at a different time this year, and school will be dismissed later to accommodate the TAKS Enrichment and the mandatory Tutorial period before lunch. All students who did not meet the passing standard for the spring TAKS test will be required to participate in the TAKS Enrichment class. Also, those who have failing grades at the end of every reporting period (every three weeks), will be required to attend mandatory tutorials during the same time period. All other students will go to lunch at this time, if they are not scheduled for TAKS Enrichment or Tutorials. The bell schedules for the school year will be as listed below. Bell Schedule “A” (Regular schedule, pep rally schedule, advisory schedule) 7:00-7:45’zero hour 7:55’warning bell 8:00-8:45’first period 8:50-9:35’second period 9:40-10:25’third period 10:30-11:15’fourth period 11:20-12:05’fifth period 12:10-12:35’enrichment/tutorials 12:35-1:15’lunch 1:20-2:05’sixth period 2:10-2:55’seventh period 3:00-3:45’eighth period Late start schedule “B” (Bad weather, TAKS testing, etc.) 9:15-9:45’zero hour 9:55’warning bell 10:00-10:35’first period 10:40-11:15’second period 11:20-11:55’third period 12:00-12:35’fourth period 12:35-1:15’lunch 1:20-1:50’fifth period 1:55-2:25’sixth period 2:30-3:05’seventh period 3:10-3:45’eighth period New high school students to the district need to register next week, beginning Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in the counselors office at the high school. Students will need bring birth certificate, social security card, shot records and phone number and address of their previous school attended. “We’re looking forward to a great school year. We have some new faces and some changes to the school day,” said Martinez. “Students are asked to report to school in clothes and shoes that meet the dress code beginning with the first day of school. Parents and students are asked to adhere to the district’s new cell phone policy. If you have questions about anything, please feel free to call the high school at 325-597-2491. We have an open door policy and enjoy visiting with parents about their concerns,” stated Martinez.

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