Three for one

This report will cover three events. First, the Thursday, Aug. 9, hully gully. There were 25 golfers who turned out for the event. Due to a death in the family, Bobbie and I were not able to make this hully gully. The closest to the pin was won by Jay Medrano. First place came in with a 27, and the team consisted of Michael Valdez, Peanut Owens, Jeremy Shields and Jeremy Ramon. Second was won by the team of Raymond Ledezma, Jay Medrano, Raymond Torres and Terri Virdell with a 28. Jimmie Fore, Scott Garner, Don Crooks, Winter Craighead and Janet Crooks scored 30, with Terry Virdell, Curtis Owens, Swede Carlson and Sherry Bentson hitting 31. They were followed by David Graves, David Brown, Jay May and Jamye Graves with a 32. Ruben Aguirre, Abel Ledezma, Ted Morgan and Gail Bryant scored a 33. *** The next event was the fundraiser and golf tournament Saturday Aug. 11. We had 15 teams of four turn out to vie for 12 tickets to the fundraiser. The team of Richard V. Roper, Ted Archer, Richard N. Roper and Skip Priess, tied with the team of Barry Jackson, Jack Needham, Karlton Steffens and Donald Kiesling with a score of 54. David Brown, Ruben Aguirre, Chris Morgenstein and Gary Saiterwhite came in second with a 57. All other players reported having a great “hot” time. The meal was catered by Mac’s Bar-B-Q, and it was great’as usual. Two hundred and eighty-five tickets were sold with the first number drawn winning a gift worth $50, and then every 10 numbers after that was a $50 gift winner. The big prizes were as follows: ‘ GPS system ‘won by Paul Mitchell ‘ Stainless steel grill’James Stewart ‘ Lap top and carrier’Sonic Drive In ’52’ television’Jay May *** Last year’s winner was in the process of remodeling when they won the television. Jay tells us that Vickie would not let him buy a new television, after remodeling their house, until the fundraiser’just in case they won. Well, they won. I guess the secret to winning is to be remodeling when we have our next year’s fundraiser. Holly Stewart had just gotten her husband, James, a big new grill for his recent birthday, so James graciously donated the grill back to the association to be used at the pavilion for cooking at future tournament. Thanks, James. We would also like to thank Monty Owens, Charles Jones and Charlie Bush for bartending for the event. Thanks, Pat Long, for being our auctioneer and helping us to raise a lot of money with his great ability to auction off items. We want to thank everyone who donated items for the auction and again, if I try to name them all I would probably forget someone. This list of $50 winners is too long to mention, but we will say we had one lady that won three times. We do not know how many tickets she had. We want to thank everyone who supported our effort to raise money to improve the golf course. *** Last but not least was the monthly hully gully, Aug. 12. We had 18 persons who braved the heat. The “awesome” team (I can say that because it was my team) of Tommy Howell, Brad Childs, Jamye Graves, Bobbie Williams and Bobby Williams shot a 54 to come in first. If one missed, the other hit. Second place went to the team of Gabriel Sanchez, David Brown, Peanut Owens and Kathy Powell, after Brown putted in for a birdie on the 22nd hole of play. They were tied at the end of 18 holes with the team of Terry Virdell, Terri Virdell, Jay Medrano and Jeremy Shields with a score of 58. David Graves, Charlie Bush, Scott Garner, Sherry Bentson and Gwen Bush came in with a score of 59. Brad Childs won closest-to-the-pin on 3. The board has voted to start the Thursday hully gullies at 6 p.m. to allow those who work a little more time to make the event. Please call the pro shop before 5:30 p.m. to sign up to play each Thursday. The hole-in-one is now at $4, 057. Come out and see if you are the one who takes home the money.

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