Downpour brings relief to farmers and ranchers

Aug. 9-12, 1966 A heavy layer of slate gray clouds moved into McCulloch County late Wednesday night and dumped up to four inches of rain on some parts of the county. Intermittent showers have developed at various times during the last few months but this was the first appreciable amount in some time. The most favored spot seemed to be in the Voca area, where three and one-half to four inches fell. Farmers and ranchers were sporting wide grins Thursday morning as the parched fields and pasture land soaked up the slow rain. The rainfall was general over the county except in the northwest portion where Lohn measured only . 70 by midmorning. The rain was ushered in by a brilliant electrical display of lightning and thunder. The Wright Jones home in the Winchell community was struck by lightning and burned. Some parts of Brady had short power failures during the night. The Brady Lake watershed received some good rains with Melvin recording two inches and up to four in some places near. The H.O. Broad ranch measured four inches while Calf Creek and the Ford ranch got over two inches. Many crops in the county were desperately in need of moisture. Peanut growers in the Voca area had resorted to irrigation to help their crops along. While the farmers and ranchers are enjoying the rainfall, sportsmen are eyeing the watershed above Brady Lake where some good rains fell. The Dodge community received four inches according to Frank Ogden. Mrs. J.R. Cochran, U.S. weather observer for Brady, recorded 2.67 inches as of noon Thursday. As the Standard went to press, the rain had ceased, but the sky was still cloudy. *** Schools announce 1966-67 budget The tentative budget for the Brady Independent School District show approximately a $4,000 increase over last year’s budget despite the cutback of two teachers in the elementary schools. The record budget of $594,704 for the 1966-67 school year includes $408,000 for instruction salaries. Estimated receipts for the coming year are about $8,000 below the tentative budget. Supt. C.A. Reynolds said the district would be in deficit unless enough delinquent taxes could be collected to meet the budget figure. “We have about $40,000 in delinquent taxes on the books,” he said. He also pointed out that the deficit would have been nearer $12,000 if the teaching staff had not been reduced by two teachers. The estimated receipts are based upon the $1.78 tax rate. Broken down, the rate is $1.31 to maintenance and .47 cents to the sinking fund. The rate is based on a $12.4 million valuation. The district per capita apportionment of $106,850 is based on 1,446 students at $1.50. *** Houn’ Dawgs move bar-b-q- to armory The Ol’ Houn’ Dawgs have moved their annual fall barbecue to the National Guard Armory. The affair will begin at 7:30 p.m., Friday night. The rain forced the move from Richards Park. The barbecue will serve to introduce all members of the A and B football teams and all of the coaching staff to football fans. Tickets for the barbecue are still available. They can be purchased until 4 p.m., Friday at Rudder Drug, City Drug, Heart of Texas Pharmacy, West Barber Shop, Pankey’s Barber Shop and Lintz Department Store. They will also be available at the armory. Houn’ Dawg president, Lamar Leifeste, invites football fans to attend the barbecue and meet all the Bulldogs and their coaches. Tickets are $1 for adults and .50 cents for children. *** Steffens is winner in Austin tourney Karlton Steffens, a 1965 graduate of Brady High School and former BHS golfer, won the fourth flight of the Austin Aqua Festival Golf Tournament in Austin last weekend. Steffens shot an 83 over the Morris Williams course after qualifying with an 84. His winnings included $58 worth of merchandise and a trophy. *** Party honors Miss Bradshaw Mrs. Paul Bradshaw honored her daughter, Jeannie, with a surprise coke party on her thirteenth birthday, Tuesday, Aug. 9. The party was held in the backyard of the Bradshaw home. Those attending were Misses Beth Bradshaw, Donna Williams, Amy Ragsdale, Cindy Pence, Peggy Scott, Sharon Gotcher, Charlotte Thompson, Phyllis Roddie, Rebecca McCollum, Elizabeth McSwain, Janabeth Hemingway, Carolyn Lewallen and Kay Day. Jackye Avants sent a gift but was unable to attend. *** Bill Wallace receives promotion Bill Wallace, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson of Brady, has received an appointment to Grade E-4, company D. 1st Medical Battalion, 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam. During his seven months in Vietnam, he has received two stripes and has been chosen the “Most Outstanding Man,” in his platoon.

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