Langseth continues recovery at Brooke Army Medical Center

Brady soldier Pfc. Tommy Langseth continues to recover at Brooke Army Medical Hospital in San Antonio from combat injuries he sustained while on active duty in Iraq. In a telephone conversation Monday, Langseth reported that an examination by an opthamoligist yesterday morning noted some serious changes in the condition of his right eye, which sustained the most damage in the May explosion. “The doctor said that he has a corneal ulcer on his right eye that has to be cleared up before they can operate on his eye any further,” said Karen Langseth, Tommy’s mother and designated caregiver. “Once the ulcer is cleared, the most important thing will be to remove the scar tissue on the retina.” Since the accident, which nearly blinded Langseth in both eyes, he has recovered his sight to where he currently has 20/50 corrected vision in his left eye, but his vision is still 20/500 in his right eye. Since being relocated to San Antonio, Langseth has had surgery on his teeth to remove one broken tooth and repair another, with more surgery expected later. Plastic surgeons evaluated his injuries as well and do not anticipate any attempts to correct any flaws until Christmas at the earliest. According to Mrs. Langseth, they are working to get Tommy enrolled in a program in the Army that will allow him to come home and live in Brady while being on call to return to San Antonio as needed. “There is a job possiblity that is being explored that is part of that program, so right now we are just waiting to see if all of the paperwork goes through,” said Mrs. Langseth. “We are hoping and praying that it does, because we both would really like to be back at home in Brady.”

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