Chipping days draws 298 loads

The two-day effort by the City of Brady last weekend to provide a simple and easy way to dispose of brush and limbs drew residents from around town to the G. Rollie White Complex to take advantage of the free chipping service. When it was all said and done, 298 loads ranging in size from small pickups and utility vehicles to 16- foot trailers loaded to the hilt kept city crews busy all day Friday and Saturday. “We had a great response to this service opportunity,” said Brady Mayor James Stewart. “A lot of people took the opportunity to do some sprucing up while others cleaned up piles that had been sitting around for quite some time.” With three chippers, including one borrowed from the county and another borrowed from Cap Rock Electric, 11 city workers on Friday and 18 on Saturday manned the chippers and loaders that were used to reduce the tons of limbs to piles of chips. A massive tub grinder designed to handle wood up to 15 inches in diameter was also relocated to the site to take old, dried up dead limbs and larger logs. “For those who saw it work, the tub grinder is a piece of machinery that is impressive,” said Stewart. “It was running virtually nonstop and it is amazing to see how it can reduce a large pile of brush and logs to mere chips.” The largest benefit to chipping the brush is the space saved in the landfill by reducing the limbs to piles of chips. Over the two day brush chipping, the tub grinder filled a 12-yard dump truck three different times with each load weighing roughly 7,000 pounds. In all, the volume in cubic space saved by chipping the material was too much even to be estimated. The smaller chippers filled six yard dump drucks a total of nine times for 56 yards more of the chipping material. “We used some clean wood in the best chipper we had to hopefully get chips good enough to be placed around the playground equipment at Richards Park,” said Stewart. “We dumped two truck loads of the best chips at the park, but after closer inspection, the chips might not pass for safe material around the playground. The size of the chips is still a little large and there is still a lot of thorny material that could pose a safety issue on a playground.” During the two days of chipping, city crews went and collected several piles at homes and locations around the city, but unfortunately, not everyone who asked for assistance received a visit from the crews. “We will still try and get those locations addressed, but we are having to make sure we get our crews back on their regular schedules to try and catch up after missing a few days last week to help out in this chipping effort,” said Stewart. “The general consensus from both city workers and those who came out and utilitzed the free chipping was that it was a great opportunity to get rid of brush. With the way the pecan trees are looking, I expect we are going to see many more limbs broken under the weight of the pecan crop and this might be something that we do on a smaller scale again later this year depending upon the need and the availability. “Bottom line is just like the cleanup, if we do things like this on a more regular basis, we will succeed in getting people used to thinking about cleaning up rather than stockpiling. It is all part of changing the way in which we think about keeping our town clean.”

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