Stray cat finds home with Marble Falls woman

Dear Editor, Recently, my sister, Melinda Mills and I went to San Angelo for a couple of days of shopping. My sister, who lives in Marble Falls, stopped at a convenience store in Brady for a break, and spied a small kitten crouching by a garbage can. She went over to the cat, but the cat was very wary, and would not let her near. On her return trip, she again tried to entice the cat to come to her, but again, even with the added temptation of food, the cat would not let her near. When she got home, she was still thinking of that small kitten all alone and hungry. She got on the phone and called the convenience store. She spoke with the clerk, and was put in touch with the person who sometimes fed the cat (I can’t remember his name, maybe Gary’). She offered the person $100 to catch the cat and deliver it to the vet’s office (the one on U.S. Hwy. 87). She made arrangements with the vet to provide health care for the cat. Sure enough, Gary trapped the cat and delivered it to the vet’s office. My sister called and gave the vet her credit card number so he could proceed with the health care needed by the cat. She is going to Brady this Wednesday, Aug. 1, to pick up the cat and pay the promised reward to the clerk who caught the cat and took her to the vet. I thought that this may brighten someone’s day, because of her caring, an abandoned animal now has a comfortable home. All of the people involved in saving that cat are my heroes, and hopefully a good example to all. Oh, yeah. The cat’s name’ Brady. Sincerely, Shirley Stelly Hobbs, N.M.

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