God’s property, we are only the caretakers

Dear Editor, To me, this is a sad day when you are unable to protect your church property unless someone stands guard 24 hours a day. Over the year, we have received more than our share of vandalism’the building on the back lot has gotten so many windows knocked out, we can not keep up with repairs and the church has gotten many windows broken and replaced. Now it seems the problems are getting worse’the water faucet was turned on and ran for several days before we caught it. By then, much damage was done inside the building plus a large water bill. Recently, we had 49 windows destroyed in the church building. We finally located a glass company that could get the needed glass and we are waiting for that to come in and be cut to fit so it can be installed. Lately we have had flowers pulled out of the ground and others broken off. The latest things were a 75- foot and a 50-foot water hose that were stolen. What comes next’ How can we protect God’s property, as it belongs to him, we only tend it. ANN SMITH BBC Member Brady, Tex.

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