Brush, limb collection set this weekend

If you need to get rid of brush or tree limbs, this Friday and Saturday will be the time to do it. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 3-4, the City of Brady will set up a free brush and limb chipping site at the G. Rollie White Complex. The two-day drop-off will be monitored by city employees and only brush and limbs will be accepted at the temporary drop-off site on Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to Mayor James Stewart, the city will position all of its chipping resources at the complex including one, possibly two, borrowed chippers for limbs less than four inches in diameter. The two-day effort is being done at the G. Rollie White Complex to expedite the drop-off times and the site will not be as affected as the landfill would if inclement and wet weather occur. If possible, the loads that are dropped off should be separated into dry and green (or freshly cut). Dry brush and limbs that have been sitting in an alley or backyard for several weeks, months or even years, dull the chipping blades in the smaller chippers. One of the chippers on loan from the county, will be specifically designated for green limbs that are prime candidates for making mulch that will be used at Brady’s Richards Park to replenish playground mulch. “The chipper on loan from the county is considerably newer than the city-owned chipper and should provide a great source of wood chips that hopefully can be used to replenish some areas at the park that are in desperate need of it,” said Stewart. Organized teams working throughout the community have not yet been activated or organized, so at this time, according to Stewart, this will be a complete individual effort by the entire community. A list of persons who requested assistance for the last scheduled cleanup will be addressed, but no new names will be added to that list. “I would like to challenge the community to take a couple of hours and pick up the areas around their homes and get the brush and limbs cleaned up,” said Stewart. “This is a perfect opportunity to get it taken care of in a quick and easy manner. By doing this at G. Rollie White, there will not be any wait associated with weighing each vehicle two times and the entire drop-off can be done in a matter of minutes.” Stewart also stated that this effort should help get the community back in the mindset of thinking about cleaning up the town after a summer lull. Volunteers who would like to offer their time, efforts or resources should contact city hall and add their name to a volunteer list. Anyone with trucks and/or trailers that can be used during the effort can also call and add their name to the list. “Just look around as you drive anywhere in Brady. There are brush piles just about everywhere. Let’s see how much we can get cleaned up in these two days,” said Stewart.

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