When it rains’

A familiar bit of advertising over the past 150 years has been the umbrella girl on the box of Morton`s Salt with the slogan ‘When it rains, it pours.’ The slogan has undergone a slight change and taken on a new meaning, “When troubles come, they come one right after another.” People are heard to remark, “It never rains, but it pours.” We have been experiencing this type of situation with an unusual number of Lohn folks recovering from serious injury and surgery. A lot of prayers have gone up on their behalf, and they are all home now and doing well. Novella Roberts came home last week with two extra things she really did not want’metal pins in her hip that was broken several weeks ago. She will be visiting her doctor this week, hoping that she will be able do more than hop on one foot. In the meantime, a therapist is working with her to help in her recovery. We wish her a complete restoration to good health. Nadine Browning has been through a lengthy and painful ordeal with back problems, first at Scott and White in Temple where her lower vertebraes were fused together and then in Abilene for therapy at Hendricks . While there for three weeks, she just happened to get her picture in the Abilene Reporter-News. Dusty Hester is back home. He left his house Saturday evening, April 21, to attend the Will Lohn wedding being held a short distance away and never arrived. Friends began searching for him after the ceremony but were unable to find him as he and the motorcycle he was riding were hidden under a bridge where it landed after leaving the pavement. Dusty sustained serious head injuries and was unconscious for about 21 hours before being found around noon Sunday. He was taken to Shannon in San Angelo and only remembers the last four days of his month-long stay. The next two months were spent in San Antonio where he received intensive therapy to help him recover from his injuries. Dusty narrowly escaped death and, feels it is a miracle he did so. He is very grateful to all of his friends and family who have shown their love and concern for him and hopes to be able to return to work in the near future. We are thankful that everyone has been able to be back with us and trust that, at least for the time being, things are returning to normal. Both Jimmy Marshall and Leroy Purcell underwent major surgery and are doing well. Lauren Lee started her summer vacation in Odessa, visiting grandparents, Mike and Shirley Griffice, and great-grandmother, Pauline Griffice.’ On June 9, she was’off to Corpus Christi for a family reunion and stayed there with her other grandmother. She stayed with twin cousins and traveled to’South Padre Island for a weekend. They flew to Houston the following week, and the twins stayed a week in Houston with Lauren at her father’s home. Lauren is expected home this Sunday.’ Ronnie and Candy Moore drove to Dallas July 5 to stay with Malachi and Shelby Boyuls.’From there, they flew’to Little Rock, Ark., and then drove to Jonosboro to attend the rehearsal dinner and wedding on Saturday of Patricia Moore Carraway`s youngest son, Stuart.’ After spending the weekend with family,’they were able to spend some extra days traveling throughout the state.’ They drove to Hot Springs and visited the Bathhouses and the beautiful Lake Hamilton.’Driving back to Little Rock, they’drove’through the Ozarks and Petit Jean National Park, where the largest waterfall in Arkansas is located.’They returned to Dallas Wednesday.’ Another wedding of interest to Lohn folks took place at Lake Dallas July 7 when Jocelyn Doyal wed Jeffery Brassfield. The couple were married in the pavilion overlooking the lake with family and a few friends in attendance. Joycelyn is the daughter of Gary Doyal of Austin and Jodi Doyal of Marble Falls. Local family attending were grandparents, Gayle and Shirley Doyal of Lohn, Michael and JoAnne Martin and Evan, Sterling and Gini Moore and Bailey, all of Brady; and Janet Gloria of Fredericksburg. From the Dallas area, they were joined by Addison Doyal, Alexi and Malachi and Shelby Boyuls. Also attending were Garrick and Rhianon Doyal from Seattle, Wash. Jeffery, who is from Oklahoma, is a sergeant in the Army, presently stationed at Fort Hood. He will soon be reporting for duty to Fort Carson, Colo. Aug. 10. Garrick and Rhianon Doyal returned to Lohn with Gayle and Shirley for a week`s visit. They all went to Lake Amistead where Gayle, along with his grandson, pursued his favorite pastime’ fishing’for three days. Returning to Lohn, Garrick visited friends around Lohn and Brady. Gayle and Shirley drove the younger Doyals to Austin where they caught a flight back to Seattle and Everett, Wash. where Garrick is serving in the Navy. Gayle and Shirley spent the night in Austin with Gary. Sterling and Gini Moore enjoyed a belated honeymoon trip to Hawaii after attending the Dallas wedding. They spent five days while daughter, Bailey, was coddled and spoiled by grandmothers, Luan Carlton and Janet Gloria. It was a pleasure to welcome the family of Arcenio and the late Juanita Martinez back to Lohn Saturday, July 14, when they gathered for their first memorial for Juanita Martinez. Arcenio and Juanita moved from Lockney to Brady in 1983. They resided in Brady for about three years before moving to Lohn in 1986. They had three children who graduated from Lohn High School. Kathy Martinez graduated in 1988; Jessie Martinez graduated in 1990. He was valedictorian of his class and also played football the year Lohn went to the state playoffs.’ At present, Jessie Martinez’s son, Jessie, Jr., is currently enrolled in Lohn ISD. Also, a’ granddaughter, Norma Garcia, graduated from Lohn High School in 1993.’ The Martinez family lived in Lohn for about seven years before moving back to Brady. Arcenio and Juanita lived in the last white house north of the school. The family and grandchildren all have wonderful memories of that house. They made many friends and enjoyed the company of all who visited them. They made many trips to the only grocery store which is now the museum. They also used the Lohn Tabernacle for many family gatherings.’ On July 18, 2006, Juanita Martinez went to be with the Lord and is buried in the Lohn Cemetery next to her son, David G. Martinez.’ Those attending the memorial in her honor were Arcenio Martinez, Sr.; Kathy Juarez, Ariel and Aaron; Fidel, Jr.,Tracie Huerta and Jocelynn;’ Jessie and Mikki Huerta, Jessie, Jr. and J.C., all from Brady; Maria Martinez from Hereford; Lupe and Brody from Fritch; Rex and Shawnda Martinez from Dangerfield; Toni Garcia, Julian, Heather, Katie and Leonard from Floydada; Butch and Gloria Arnold; Israel Gonzales and Teresa from Fort Worth; Pete Gonzales from Austin; Armando and Diane Vasquez, Ellisa, Amanda;’ Jailee Zavala; Crystal, Jeremiah and Adrian Hernandez all from Lockney; Juan and Debbie Medrano, Veronica, Scooter and Spencer; Thomas and Sylvia Diaz from San Antonio; Arcenio Martinez, Jr.; Destiny Esquivel from Lubbock; Simon and Sue Enriquez, and Ethan, all from Abilene; Leticia, Corbin and Jayden from Amarillo; Cynthia from Tulia; Estella Cooper from Arkansas; Rose Mary Garcia from Dumas; Baltimar and Dolores Huerta, Rodger and C.J.; Ramiro and Jessica, Adriana and Elias from Brownwood; Beatrice Martinez and Nick Huerta from Plainview; and Jerry and Kathy Benavides from Grand Prairie. Rose Mary Garcia, who planned and brought the family together, said, ‘The Martinez gamily wishes to express our gratitude to the Lohn community for the use of the Tabernacle. We also would like to say a special “thank you” to Mrs. Day for her hospitality in opening the museum for the Martinez family to tour. This is a community where many memories have been made for the Martinez family, and we plan to make this an annual event each July.’

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