Peak electrical load causes blackout

July 22-26, 1966 A peak 24-hour electrical load last Friday caused a shutdown in power affecting the area south of 11th street.. A load of almost 6,100 kilowatts caused fuses to blow and breaker switches to throw, resulting in the power blackout which lasted about 45 minutes. City Supt. James Feazelle said the light plant generated 109,700,000 kilowatt hours over a 24-hour period last Friday. This was an increase over any 24-hour generation last year. The peak for 1965 was 103,600,000 kwh. The power failure came shortly after 5 p.m. when homeowners began returning from work, preparing the evening meal and otherwise stepping up the electrical consumption. Feazelle said the fuses were replaced with larger fuses and the breaker switch at the plant was thrown. The breaker switch was reset and power was restored. “It is rather odd in a way, because Roddie Wool Scouring and the crusher at the Heart of Texas Mining Company were shut down temporarily last Friday. If they had been operating, the load would have been about 6500 kilowatts,” Feazelle said. The water consumption has kept pace with the electrical consumption. For the past two weeks, almost three, average usage has been four million gallons. This figure is 150,000 gallons over the same period June 20-July 25 of last year. Feazelle sees no problem with water consumption as had been experienced in the past. “With the addition of storage space and another well pumping, we will be able to keep up with consumption. That is, barring a breakdown or some unforeseen emergency,” he pointed out. . *** Teachers needed to complete faculty Mrs. Ruth Sutton, social studies in junior high, has resigned to accept a teaching position in the San Angelo school system. Supt. C.A. Reynolds said that her resignation had been accepted by the Board of Trustees and that no replacement has been employed. Still needing an assistant football coach in high school, Reynolds pointed out that he was yet short three teachers in high school. Mrs. Glenice McNamee, who had been approved by the trustees for the English- Speech post in high school returned her contract unsigned, thus there remains a vacancy in that post. “In addition, we are short a music teacher and a biology teacher. We would like to have a coach who could teach biology, but it looks as if we may have to do some shifting around in the teaching assignments. In all my years as superintendent, I have never seen it so hard to come up with a coach,” Reynolds said. Due to the change in enrollment, some shifting of teachers will take place in the lower grades. Reynolds said some of the teachers who have resigned will not be replaced. *** Loadcraft takes Little League title Loadcraft’s Little Leaguers wound up the city tournament Monday night with a 32-1 win over Brady Savings and Loan to become the champions. The losers placed second. In the first game Monday night, Norman Motors defeated Rotary 21-3 for third place. The round robin tourney began last Tuesday night. Results of the tournament were: Rotary 17, Commercial National Bank 14; Brady Savings and Loan 26, Texaco 14; Loadcraft 10, Norman Motors 7; Brady Savings and loan 17, Brady National Bank 2; Loadcraft 17, Rotary 3; Norman Motors 26, Texaco 7; Rotary 30, Brady National Bank 5; Norman motors 21, Commercial National Bank 2; Norman Motors 21, Rotary 3; Loadcraft 32, Brady Savings and Loan 1. A 14 player all-star team was picked to be entered in Little League tournaments in San Saba and Llano. Two boys each of the seven teams were chosen. The all-star players to represent the Brady Little League in the San Saba meet next Tuesday night at 8:30 and in Llano the next week are Mark Revada, Terry Penn, Mike Snowden, James Holloway, Tommy Griffay, Rod Harrell, David Neal, Brad Davis, Rocky Harrell, Rocky West, Rodney Jackson, Daniel Sanchez, Darryl Huffman and Eddie Sloane. Between games Monday night, new officers for the Little league Association were elected. B.J. Scott will head the organization next year as president; Jesse McAnally, vice-president, and Elbert Boswell, secretary-treasurer. Equipment managers will be Marion Young, Paul Bradshaw, Ed Whiteley and W.R. Fields. The board of directors will be composed of Bill Whitehead, Bud harrell, Douglas Avants and James Sloane. *** Pre-school class visits library Visitors at the Richard Memorial Library Monday were members of Mrs. John Sloan’s pre-school class. Included were Frankie Barnet, aide and Jerry McFarland, Timothy Meeker, Elizabeth Ann Hext, Joanna Goodgion, Johnetta Smith, Carl Talley, John Trevino, Lisa Young, Lizzie Mae Carey, Julia Sanchez, Mary Suarez, Sylvia Ledezma, Priscilla Airheart, Tejay Simpson and Bobby Joe Adams. *** Personal Mention Lt. and Mrs. Cecil Evans of DeRidder, La., Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Kyzar, Sr., and Lynn of Abilene and Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Kyzar, Jr., Mike and Richard of Mason, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Houston Kyzar.

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