‘Always’Patsy Cline’ musical play coming to Brady

One of the most influential and memorable voices of country music of all time is Patsy Cline. Her rich vocal sound, combined with unforgettable lyrics and melodies make her collection of hits ones that can be played over and over again. Even today, both young and old equally enjoy her music. Brady has an opportunity to relive the days of Patsy Cline with the musical play, “Always’ Patsy Cline,” which is being presented by the adult, professional theater group, The Albany Mainstreet Playhouse. The play will be held Saturday, July 28, at 7 p.m., in the Brady High School auditorium. The Albany Mainstreet Playhouse has presented more than 30 performances of “Always’Patsy Cline” throughout Texas, many to sold-out crowds.’ The role of Patsy Cline is currently played by Twyla Foreman, a celebrity in her own right, whose vocal talent successfully meets the daunting challenge of singing the songs Patsy Cline made famous. This play is a must-see for fans of country music. Tickets are on sale in advance, exclusively at the Chamber of Commerce and are priced at $25 and $15. For best options, it is imperative that tickets be purchased in advance, as all seating, regardless of price, will be reserved. “Always’Patsy Cline” has enjoyed great success all over the United States, including a run off-Broadway. It has been one of the most produced musicals in America according to American Theater Magazine. The play has also been enjoyed internationally by audiences in Canada, the UK and Australia. Patsy Cline was only 30 years old March 5, 1963, when she lost her life in a plane accident near Camden, Tenn. She had only been a star for five years’a short time in which to become a legend. But at the time of her death, she was one of the nation’s leading recording artists, a headliner on the country circuit and a regular at the Grand Ole Opry. “Always’Patsy Cline” is based on the true story of Patsy Cline’s friendship with Houston housewife Louise Seger. Having first heard Cline on the ‘Arthur Godfrey Show’ in 1957, Seger became an immediate and avid fan of Cline’s, and she constantly hounded the local disc jockey to play Cline’s records on the radio. In 1961, when Cline went to Houston for a show, Seger and her buddies arrived about an hour-and-a-half early and, by coincidence, met Cline who was traveling alone. The two women struck up a friendship that culminated in Cline spending the night at Seger’s house’ a friendship that lasted until Cline’s untimely death. This relationship, which began as fan worship, evolved into one of mutual respect. It is the kind of relationship that many fans would like to have with their heroes. The play includes the women’s correspondence to each other by letters and phone calls, and focuses on the fateful evening at Houston’s Esquire Ballroom, when Seger hears of Clines death. Seger supplies a narrative while Cline floats in and out of the set singing tunes that made her famous’Anytime,’ ‘Walkin’ After Midnight,’ ‘She’s Got You,’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Crazy’ to name a few. The show combines humor, sadness and reality. It offers fans, who remember Cline when she was alive, a chance to look back; and gives new fans a glimpse of what seeing her was like and what she meant to her original fans. For more information, contact Jan Gardner at 243-5227 or the McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce at 597-3491.

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