Military display pays tribute to local heroes

Around Memorial Day, after Brady received the news that Pfc. Tommy Langseth was seriously injured in Iraq, Brady resident Nancy Lane was moved to honor all of her heroes, with a tribute entitled, “My Heroes Military Display.” “At first, I was just thinking about family’my half-brother, Sammy Clark, who was killed just before Normandy, in World War II, and Richard’s father, Ide Lane, who served in World War I,” Mrs. Lane said. With several extended family members serving the United States in branches ranging from the Women’s Army Corps to the Air Force, both Mrs. Lane and her husband’who himself served in the Army as an optometrist from 1966-1968’have a passion for preserving military heritage. “After asking friends for a loan of military photos on hand, my display continued to grow,” said Mrs. Lane. She even received phone calls from as far away as Buchanan Dam after airing her photo request over KNEL Radio’s Tradeo Show. “I love how this came together and plan to leave it (the display) up until Labor Day, at which time I will pass on these photos to Ed Hernandez for his display wall at the Veterans’ Service Office. “I got several calls form local veterans just to tell me they appreciated what I was doing. Like my sign, this is not for me but the community. I really believe we should honor all of our veterans’and be forever grateful for what they have done for us.” Among the military men and women featured in Mrs. Lane’s display include: Benito Rubio, Korean War; Sammy Clark, World War II; Travis Lee Hext, Army Rangers, Korean War; Aaron Roper, World War II; Dan Hermann, World War II; Katie May Lane, Women’s Army Corps, World War II; Gene Lyles, World War II; Russell Clark, Army; Sage Domingues, Special Services Bureau; Jack Kenyon, Army MP, Korean War; Clyde Chesney, Army, Korean War; Bobby Wallace, Vietnam; Dennis Bolinger, Vietnam; Jose Marcos Montellavo, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom; Alejandro Morquecho, Operation Iraqi Freedom (soon to be deployed); Daniel Fernandez, Air Force, Vietnam; Wayne Rawlings, World War II, Robert Barnhill, Army; Tommy Langseth, Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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