Historical monument moved to new site

June 24-28, 1966 The Jim Bowie historical marker has been relocated through the efforts of the McCulloch County Historical Survey Committee, the Texas Highway Department and the services of the Brady Monument Works. The monument has been moved 300 yards from its original location which was hidden from view in a brushy pasture owned by Guy Sallee. The new location is on the paved farm- to-ranch road one half mile south of Calf Creek. It is now easily accessible to the public and tourists. It was erected in 1936, on the 100th anniversary of the battle of the Alamo, but until now few people seemed to know that it existed. The inscription on the monument reads “In this vicinity on Nov. 21, 1831, Jim and Resin Bowie, David Buchanan, Cephus D. Hamm, Matthew Doyal, Jesse Wallace, Thomas McCarlin, Robert Armstrong, James Coryell with two servants, Charles and Gonzales, held at bay for one day and night, 164 Caddoe and Lipan Indians. After 80 of the warriors had been killed, the Indians withdrew.” When Sallee moved to the farm in 1933, evidence of Bowie’s rock-pile barricade was still present. “Rocks had been thrown up in a kind of round pen, but most of the rocks have been hauled off now,” Sallee said. There had been something there but Sallee didn’t know, of course, that it was actually Bowie’s impromptu fort. The Indians carried their dead about one mile north and buried them on top of a small mountain. Is the Lost Bowie Mine on Sallee’s place’ Maybe, but he doesn’t take much stock in the old story. *** Future queens announced Nineteen “little future queens” have been chosen to precede the queen nominees in the Miss Heart of Texas Pageant on July 1. Each little queen will be escorted by a young man. Participation of the children in the pageant is most often the amusing highlight of the pageant as the self-conscious little ones walk across the stage. The little queens, their escorts and their parents are: Kelli Roddie, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Roddie; Corey Dodds, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dodds. Kathy Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Neal, Rochelle; Harold Gage, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gage, Rochelle. Carrie Wood, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Wood; Kirk Roddie, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roddie. Carla Isenhower, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Isenhower; Jackie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bob Smith. Connie Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Don Neal, Rochelle; Grant Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Jones, Mercury. Melodianne Mallow, Mr. and Mrs. James Mallow; Rodney Young, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Young. Charlotte Matthiesen, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Matthiesen, Doole; Braxton Murray, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Murray, Melvin. Beth Owens, Mr. and Mrs. K.Y. Owens; Brad Brewster, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brewster. Kimberly Ruth Petty, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Petty; Shad Lynn Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Morris. Elisha Hays, Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hays; Abbey T. Flemming, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Flemming. Elise Pentecost, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Pentecost; Jim Walton, Mr. and Mrs. James Walton. Debbie Solsbery, Mr. and Mrs. D.N. Solsberry, Lohn; Terry Whitworth, Mr. and Mrs. V.C. Whitworth, Salt Gap. Sherri Grubbs, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Grubbs; Tip Ross, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Miller. Holly Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willis; Jackie Holloway, Mr. and Mrs. John O. Holloway. Sharla Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Buford Sheffield; Bobby Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hughes. Kareen Ellison, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ellison; Jeffrey Penn, Mr. and Mrs. Herbie Penn. Jeanne Ross, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Miller; Kyle McBee, Mr. and Mrs. Damon McBee. Sari Day, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Day; Chris Shortes, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shortes. Angie Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willis; Dean Ellison, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ellison. *** Brown-Geeslin engagement announced The Rev. and Mrs. Allen H. Brown of Bryan, formerly of Brady, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Eileen, to Bill Geeslin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davis Geeslin, of Brady. Date of the wedding has not been set, but will be held in Brady after both graduate. Miss Brown is as student in nursing at the University of Texas, while Mr. Geeslin is also a student at the University of Texas. *** Bradyites attend unusual reunion Mrs. Marietta Sessions Martin of Abilene held the third annual meeting of the “Cousins Reunion” composed of lady descendants and daughters of Brady, Sonora, Eldorado, San Angelo and various other points from Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Thirty-eight of the relatives bedded down on cots, pallets and beds for the three day house party in the Jimmie Martin home for good food and fellowship. Ages ranged from small babies to 88-year-old, Mrs. Sam Jones of Eldorado. Attending the reunion from Brady were Mrs. A.J. Ricks and daughter, Mrs. Ann Sheffield, and Mrs. J.B. Granville.

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