Frost family ‘get-together’

The Frost kinfolks met Friday and Saturday at the Lohn Tabernacle for their annual “get- together.” This reunion marks the 96th year that the family has met. In previous times, they met at the home place in Waldrip, Brady Lake, Richards Park, Lubbock and Coleman. They had a wonderful turn out this year and a good time as always. Kirby Huffman is the proud owner of the antique pie safe that once sat in the kitchen of Mollie Frost. Kirby entrusted the safe to Ronnie Nowlin for restoration and brought the safe to the reunion for all to see what a great job Ronnie did. The safe is now at home with Kirby’s daughter in a log cabin in Abilene. The family can rest assured that it will be well cared for and a constant reminder of the past lives of Enoch Wyche and Mollie Elizabeth (Wiswell) Frost. The Frost farm has been in the family for 105 years and is now in the Texas Heritage Program. Members of the family are looking forward to the 100th reunion and hope to have a whopper of a celebration. Attending this year were: Vivian Bray Doss, Becky and Denis Heyse from Itasca, Barry and Lyla Bivens and Trixie, Betty Hill Bingham, Georgia Ramsey, Heather Otte, Wesley, Brian and Charlie from Brady, Reggie and Sylvia Osborn and Rusty from Llano, Ima Martin, Blyth and Sarah Dunlap from Early, Michael and Michelle Wright from Pearl River, La., Clara Riley, Jimmy and Debbie Riley, grandson Cord Riley and nephew Mark Reynolds from Jourdanton, Nelda Frost from San Antonio, Curtis and Carolyn Huffman Osburn from Valley Springs, Mark and Denise Frost Matlock, Stephanie and Kristen from College Station, Mark, Lori, Aubrey and Zane Lamper from Round Rock, Claude and Teresa Frost from Elm Grove, Frank, Trisha, Patrick, Lindsey, Molly and G.J. Frost from Portland, Bill and Iva Dell Huffman from Rochelle, Kira and Kyla Brown from San Marcos, Terri, Kelli and Beau Herbert from Houston, Dan and Jeanette Shell, Joshua, Stephen, Aaron and BryAnna from Waco, Janet Branham, Casey Osbourn from San Angelo, Conard and Hollie Osbourn from Austin, Brandy Rains, Sam Kuykendall from Tuscola, Craig and Carla Suehs and Corbin from Houston, Kirby Huffman from Lubbock, E.W. and Polly Frost, Betty Hill from Lohn. Jimmy Marshall returned home this week after a three-month’s absence due to health problems. After undergoing surgery in April, he came home only for a short time before suffering a life-threatening heart problem, having to return to the hospital for heart surgery. He is looking well, and we are pleased to have him back home. Jimmy returned in time to attend the Lohn family reunion held Saturday, May 23, which will be in next weeks paper. Several people have asked why there was nothing in the earlier Lohn News regarding Jimmy`s ordeal. Well, in today’s world, it seems best not to advertise that some one is away from home. Unfortunately, we live in different times from the day when people never locked their doors and felt perfectly safe. Some doors did not even have locks, and if they did, the key had probably been lost ages ago. People left their doors unlocked, and often, a neighbor would drop by and come in and wait for their return. No one worried about being robbed or harmed. Novella Roberts fell at her Jackson family reunion and suffered a broken hip. After treatment at Brownwood Regional Hospital, she was transferred to Brady West Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. H.D. is “batching” and admits to being out of place in the kitchen. He has plenty of food at present’ thanks to his neighbors, Leroy and Voncille Purcell’but may run short before Novella is home. David and Lataine Goll have had grandchildren visiting. Their grandson, Garrett Cook from Ida, Ga. spent two weeks with them, and their granddaughters, Lauren and Shelby Goll from Seguin, were here, also. Lataine is on the mend from having hip replacement surgery about two months ago. The grand-kids helped out while here, cleaning out the barn, moving goats and even helping take some to market. Shelby is a junior at Navarro High in Seguin while Lauren is in her second year at Texas A&M. Garrett is a ninth grader. Quincy and Nell Ellis are back home after spending a few weeks in Colorado. Their grandson, Jared Russell, will be living with them and attending school at Lohn. Their son, Chad Ellis, is moving up in his career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has an impressive new assignment which will take him out of Texas to Florida. He and Tessie and two-year-old Keona will be living in Gainesville. Chad’s job with the USDA is part of the National Resources Conservation Service; he has been in the Big Bend area as a district conservation officer. The move to Florida upgrades him to rangeland management specialist for the entire state. Chad is the youngest person in the US to hold this position. Dusty Huie turned 23 on June 21. His parents, David and Carla, brought a delicious meal and a chocolate cake to his grandmother Rama`s home for a surprise dinner.

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