Brady girl serving as FCCLA state president

Chandni Karia was elected to be the State President of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA )for 2007-2008. Her duties began with a meeting with the state sponsor in April to plan an officer training camp. On June 10, at the Canyon of the Eagles in Burnett, Chandni and Jacque Behrens, her advisor and teacher at Brady High School, met with the vice president of STAR Event officers to evaluate the rules and regulations of the competitive events for next year. Chandni had served as the State STAR Event officer the previous year. On Monday, Chandni met with the other state officers to discuss upcoming duties and plans for the week. Later, the state officers met with the state executive committee to choose a theme for the upcoming year. The new theme they decided on was “Save the Day with FCCLA.” The 25 members of this committee then broke up into smaller committees to work on planning next year’s State Leadership Conference in Galveston. Tuesday morning, Chandni lead the meeting to vote on acceptance of the plans that each committee presented. Following this meeting, Chandni conducted the General Session and welcomed the rest of the 60 regional officers from all over Texas to work on leadership skills and plan the region meetings. Officers were ushered through an obstacle course of workshops including ethics, time management, public relations and manners. Chandni was in charge of presenting the workshop on time management. Then all of the officers were treated to a night of star gazing at the observatory in Canyon of the Eagles with an astrologer providing information and pointing out constellations with his laser light. On Wednesday morning, Chandni brought all the officers together again for leadership activities and then more lessons on: parliamentary procedure, letter writing, script writing, personality profiles and specific officer responsibilities. Chandni and the national officers presented the workshop on script writing. That afternoon, all were treated to a riverboat ride on the Vanishing River Cruise. A formal reception was held at which time the officers got to practice what they learned in their workshops about manners and public relations. After team building activites in the swimming pool, Chandni got all the regions lined up for a fun competition of “Battle of the Regions” with marshmallow guns, water balloon tosses, washers and tug of war. Mrs. Behrens got all the officer advisors together for round table discussions on various topics to help run more efficient FCCLA clubs. Mrs. Behrens also set up a silent auction to raise money for the Invest in Texas FCCLA campaign. The advisors raised a little over $1,500. On Thursday, the officers got to hear Brian Fiese present information about how to be a good public speaker. The rest of the day was spent doing committee work to plan the five region leadership conferences in Lubbock, Wichita Falls, Waco, Corpus Christi and Galveston. Many committees worked late into the night to have their reports ready for the business meeting. Friday morning, all of the 85 officers gathered for the final business meeting. Committee reports were given and voted on so that each region would have the same procedures and information. The region theme is “Get a Clue with FCCLA.” “When everything was finished, Chandni was vigilant to the end. As each officer and advisor drove off from the officer training camp, Chandni was at the exit waving good bye and good luck,” Mrs. Behrens said. “I think Texas is lucky this year to have such a caring and conscientious person serving as our state president of FCCLA.”

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