Commissioners to make request for unclaimed capital credits

By Amanda Howell In the shortest agenda in months, the McCulloch County Commissioners met in regular session Monday morning and approved both items up for consideration. In the first item, the commissioners agreed to make a formal request for unclaimed capital credits. According to McCulloch County Judge Randy Young, when a county has an electric cooperative (which McCulloch used to have but doesn’t now), the unclaimed capital credits are awarded to the state which in turn redistributes those back to the respective county. The money’usually $300-$400-‘is primarily used for economic development. Just as in years past, the county has to request those capital credits in writing. “Since Cap Rock Energy has taken over, I don’t think this applies anymore; however, there may still be some unclaimed capital credits from years past,” said Young. “We don’t know for sure and the state doesn’t tell you in advance, you just have to apply. Not wanting to leave any “possible money” on the table, the commissioners agreed to make a request for the unclaimed capital credits, if there are any available to the county. As the only other item on their agenda, the commissioners approved up to $535 to allow for the purchase of a computer for the Veteran’s Service Office. The total amount will include the purchase of a computer and Internet service for the remainder of the budget year. The funds will be transferred out of a salary line item. As a discussion item, the Democratic chairman spoke to the group and expressed the importance of budgeting additional funds to purchase more voting equipment. No action was taken on the request.

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