Pfc. Langseth to return to Texas

Pvt. Tommy Langseth, a Brady soldier injured by an explosion in Iraq, is recovering well in Walter Reed Hospital and is set and awaiting paperwork that will transfer him to Brook Army Hospital in San Antonio as soon as next week. Injured May 19, he arrived at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. on May 23 and has been closely watched by doctors as he recovers. Injuries to his face and eyes severely damaged his vision in both eyes. He has undergone several surgeries since arriving in D.C. and according to his mother, Karen, he continues to improve on a daily basis. “We got word that the gas bubbles the surgeons put in his eye to help it heal has dissipated which will allow him to fly to San Antonio where he will be admitted at Brook Army Hospital,” she said Thursday morning. “He has been improving each and every day and healing remarkably well. Even the doctors are surprised at how well he is doing. “The prognosis is still very serious and we don’t know how much of his vision he will actually recover, but I have faith that he will do very well.” Tommy’s parents returned to Brady last week from spending time in D.C. According to Mrs. Langseth, since then, Tommy has been able to spend considerable time with his grandfather who lives in Virginia only a short drive from the hospital. “Tommy was able to spend the Father’s Day weekend with his grandfather and has really enjoyed visiting someone whom he normally was able to see only once a year.” The healing process has been long for Tommy and just last week, he was allowed to shave which according to his mother, helped his spirits considerably. “What was even more special was just after he got a fresh shave, he and his father made a trip to the barbershop to get a haircut. When I got there, Mack was sitting in one chair and Tommy was in another, both getting a cut.” The injuries Langseth sustained have damaged his vision, but he still has limited sight in both eyes and is able to see rough shapes and basic outlines. “He could even read the top line on the eye chart the other day and that is something the doctors could not even believe because of his condition,” said Mrs. Langseth. “We found out that over the past week, he and a captain who was injured in the blast, were able to go to a movie together with the captain’s father. They all sat on the front row and Tommy said they could see it all just fine. He said they laughed the entire time and enjoyed being out and about.” “We are just very thankful for the support this community has shown us,” said Mrs. Langseth. “That along with Tommy’s sense of humor is what has helped us get through this entire ordeal.” Details about Tommy’s impending arrival in San Antonio are still uncertain, will be forthcoming in subsequent issues.

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