Brush, limb cleanup effort set for June 30

The City of Brady is gearing up for its second official cleanup this year next weekend, but this time, the scope of the effort has been narrowed to focus just on limbs, brush and leaf disposal. The June 30 cleanup will be the last day that brush and limbs may be disposed at the local landfill free of charge. “The intent of this effort was to give citizens an opportunity to get tree limbs and brush out of their alleys and properly disposed of to help improve the look of our town,” said Brady Mayor James Stewart. The cleanup effort will have several volunteer groups trolling various neighborhoods looking for brush piles to remove. “This is a chance for people to get together and improve the look of their own part of town,” said Stewart. “The city is not offering to pick up everything and haul it off for them, but if someone does need assistance either because they are elderly or because they do not have the phyiscal ability, we would love for them to call city hall and let us know. We will put requests on a list and do what we can to meet every request.” Requests for assistance must be called in by 4 p.m. Friday (today) in order to be considered. “People should feel free to call in and ask for assistance, but we are going to encourage them to participate, even if it is just by helping load the trailers,” said Stewart. “We are offering a helping hand, not a handout.” City chipper crews will also be out working for the last two Friday’s in June following lists provided by phone requests to City Hall. The mulch created by the chipper is larger than store-bought mulch, but it can be taken away by the crew or left on the property. Normal $15/hour chipping fees have been waived for the two days in June and free loads to the landfill are limited to brush, tree limbs and leaves. A reminder from the city is that all loads headed to the landfill must be secured by tarp, straps or netting. For more information, contact city hall at 597- 2152.

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