Under the authority of the Lord

It was not a good morning. I was scowling at a blank piece of paper, eloquently fuming at it because it was so determinedly blank. Didn’t it know it was supposed to be filled with the black pock marks of my creativity’ I turned my disapproving gaze to focus on a book which was supposed to form the basis for an upcoming study course. It bore one chewing gum wrapper marking not the few pages I had read but the many I had not read. Stupid book. Didn’t it know it was already supposed to have been devoured’ I glared at a shipping carton yawning up at me from across the room. It was half filled with discarded shoes, some still possible but not practical ties, several too-tight shirts and a handful of belts. Stupid belts. Didn’t it know it shouldn’t even be there. It was supposed to be at the Goodwill collection trailer. Stupid box. Didn’t they know better than to shirk to an impossible size’ I stood to move away from such ignorant rebels. I saw a small stack of memos alerting me to critical events and contacts to make. Stupid stack of stupid memos. Stupid crises. Stupid day. I knew the day had not decided to attack me. The day was an assembly of my activities. It had no personality other than the one I reflected. What had gone wrong with me’ The day before had been lovely; good worship service, special visitation with friends, an article written, a supper marked by the surprise of everything ready at the same time, good prayer time and a good sense of God’s programming. But that was yesterday. Today was different. Today my coffee pot died. It died exactly four and one-half minutes before it was to have finished perking. It didn’t even announce its approaching demise. It just died. Pale beige water instead of black. How dare it die before I had a chance to get a new one’ When one depends upon a coffee pot to survive until one remembers to get a new one, one can be very disappointed. The unpleasant day was that coffee pot’s fault. Suddenly, I visualized the absurdity of the situation. There I was a child of the King, a warrior prayerfully committed to the battlefield of daily life, a soldier standing on the promises of God my Saviour’and I had been done in by a coffee pot. An old coffee pot at that. One that had been hinting at retirement for months. And I had let that coffee pot martial the forces of despair just waiting to take over my day. Not so. I spoke aloud to the day. ‘Day. Take notice. I am Ernie Williams. I am a child of the King. I am under the authority of the Lord God Almighty. He will live through me every minute of you. You, day of the dead coffee pot, will become the day of the living Lord. Now, back to work!’ Boxes do not carry themselves, no matter how loudly the day is taught the facts of life. I threw in a pair of too-tight slacks and carried it to the van. As I did so I looked at the belts and did not finish the rest of the bagel sitting on my desk. I reappraised the memo list, put first things first and learned two had been accomplished and not crossed out, two had changed their immediacy and one crisis was so long overdue it could not be served at all. I threw away the chewing gum wrapper and placed the book in my chair to begin reading it through this evening. I applied myself to the blank paper in my word processor. Praise the Lord. Another principle learned and found effective. Days submit when the persons who live them become submissive to the One who holds all time in His hand. “Summer! Hear this! I give you notice. You are a new season. You hold wonders on your agenda. New people to meet and know. Articles and sermons to be written. A class to lead, teach and be enjoyed. Mountains to climb-‘programs to be planned’vacation to be scheduled’decisions to be made’endless crisis’and limitless joys. “I take you on and announce to you that I am Ernie Williams, a child of the King. I am under the authority of the Lord God Almighty. I choose to place you under His authority. By the time you have gotten started, I will have read the book, have a new size belt, a newly organized agenda, and a new coffee pot because I will now get to work.” Praise the Lord, it works, the page is finished already.

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