Using music to make a difference in people’s lives

Jonathan Fleming wants to make a difference in people’s lives, and he wants to do it through music. Fleming, who graduated from Brady High School last month, will attend South Plains College in Levelland, known nationwide for its programs in music business and recording. ‘Through my personal experience with certain songs, going through tough times, good times, just being confused, it has helped me and motivated me,’ he said. ‘If I’m going through tough times and hear a song that talks about it, it gives me motivation. I have realized how much difference music makes in people’s lives. One song can change a bad day into a good day.’ His pursuit of a career in music got a big boost when he was one of 20 students chosen from more than 1,700 applicants to receive a scholarship from the Jimmy Rane Foundation. ‘Man, that was a blast and a blessing,’ he said. ‘That was just awesome. I almost ran up and down the street just going crazy when they called me. It tickled me that God is allowing me to spend some more time on music. That was one of my big worries, that I was going to go to college and wind up working all the time and trying to pay for it.’ From the time he had his first piano lesson at the age of six, Fleming has loved music. He already is an accomplished guitar and piano player, writer and performer. He wants to write, play and perform for a living. Through his music, he wants to share his faith. ‘I want to keep Christ at the core of my music,’ he said. ‘It might be a song about a breakup or something, but if anything happens through me, it’s because of Him. ‘So many times, I’ve been down and out and wondering what this life is even about. Then I can hear a certain song and it reminds me there is still hope. I just want to be that to other people.’ Jonathan’s parents, Suzanne and Gary, have seen his desire to help others since he was young. ‘Jonathan is a one-on-one guy,’ Mrs. Fleming said. ‘He does a lot with young people in the community, not just in the church. He takes time with young guys, mentoring them. Parents will stop us and say ‘I just want to tell you what he’s done for our son.’ Though his faith is at the core of everything he does, he says he wants to explore as much of the music world as he can. ‘I’m a Christian, but really, I want to explore as much as I can,’ he said. ‘Maybe it would be a country or rock station. That’s my lifetime goal, to be all-around and to sell all kinds of music. ‘The main thing is that I really want to impact society in a positive way.’

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