Check point

Summer’s coming. Now is the time to check your foundation color. Pay attention when you put on your foundation to see if it is getting too light. I know most of us put it on in a hurry in the early morning under bathroom light, so it’s hard to tell right away if it’s getting too light. When the season changes, the first thing most ladies notice is a change in the color of their skin. This is a result from the days becoming longer and the sun being more intense. Not to mention that we are all participating in outdoor activities. With an increase in the intensity of the sun, you will notice your skin getting darker, and your foundation will seem to get lighter. If so, it’s time to change your foundation color. Just put your winter foundation in the refrigerator for safe keeping until fall comes back around and you need it again. When you go to get a new foundation color, test at least two colors to make sure you get a color that matches your skin tone. Try the foundation color along your jaw line to make sure it blends in with your face and neck. Put a strip of the foundation color on next to each other. Stand back and look in a mirror. You want to get a color that blends in and is unnoticeable. If you achieved a very dark tan during the summer and know that you will be getting even darker than you are now, you may want to get a foundation that is a little dark for you right now. Just add a little bit of your winter foundation color to your new one to lighten it up until you darken all the way. Foundations help even out skin tone and flatter the wearer’s natural coloring. Foundations also protect the skin from the harmful effects of the weather and the environment. Because foundation sits on top of the wearer’s skin, it is important for you to use a moisturizer under the foundation. This helps the foundation provide the smoothest texture possible on the face. Remember that sun protection is for the whole body, so don’t forget the sun screen. Stop by Merle Norman Cosmetics and The Chic Boutique with any questions or concerns. Proper skin care gives results that last a lifetime.

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