Brady native pens first novel

Hunter Taylor, a Brady native, retired soldier and sixth generation Texan, has penned her first novel, “Insatiate Archer,” published last month. She is an instructor at Central Texas College and is engaged in doctoral studies with a specialization in creative writing. Insatiate Archer is her first novel. “Insatiate Archer” is a novel of harsh truths in the most cruel of times, sometimes hard to bear as you tear through its pages. It is not a book for the faint-hearted as stated on the BeWrite Books website where the book is featured. In the mists of time, when the line between superstition and reality has not been drawn, war rages between the new religion and the old. And the ferocious battle for hearts and souls is fought in flames and innocent blood. Gentle but deadly Susanna with her startling, differently colored eyes is a witch, a High Priestess of the druidic groves, struggling to embrace the best of Christianity. But the monstrous Yellow Curate will stop at no evil to rid the world of her and her ancient beliefs. Taylor seamlessly joins 14th Century fact, myth and magic to take her reader on a breathtaking odyssey through a land in the birth pangs of change, where Susanna is never more than a footstep ahead of the sadistic cleric obsessed with her destruction. And behind every tree, every crumbling stone wall, every wooded hill, the “Insatiate Archer” lies in wait, caring little whose heart his next arrow will pierce. Taylor’s immaculate research and magical writing style create a dazzling reality we may only before have experienced in our dreams’ and our nightmares. “Early in my research, the ladies at Richards Memorial Library helped me’gather some information, so I am in their debt,” Taylor said.’ To read an excerpt from her book, view the trailer at cerpts/insatiate_archer.htm or log on to’

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