MCIF housing task force project gets underway

The first home that is the direct result of a local housing task force is well underway to completion. In a cooperative effort of the McCulloch County Industrial Foundation (MCIF), the City of Brady and MurrayCo Builders of Brownwood, the new home is being built as a ‘spec’ home that will serve as a model for what the group hopes will be several new homes built within the county. The home is being built with the main goal of being affordable. Just shy of 1,100 square feet, the three bedroom, two bath home will hit the market in the low to mid $80,000 range and is located at the intersection of Eithth and Cypress streets. When it is completed, the home will feature a carport, privacy-fenced back yard, central heat and air and a basic interior finish. “This is an effort to meet a perceived need this community has for moderately-priced housing,” said housing committee member Gary Schroeder. “Our goal is to get this home sold to a prospective buyer and then begin working on building the next home before expanding the project to meet whatever demand we can generate.” In an effort to keep the price of the new home as low as possible, the MCIF procured the lot on which the new home is located and donated it to the cause. In conjunction with that, the City of Brady agreed to waive permit fees. “If a person qualifies for a loan for this home, they will automatically have equity in the home because of the opportunities that have been created by this effort,” said Schroeder. MurrayCo is the developer that is leading the project which is being built by Hutchins Construction of Brownwood. The group is also working on a similar project in Bangs and has built others in Brownwood and Early. “This project is open to any builder, local or otherwise, and these homes can be sold by any realtor,” said James Long, a fellow task force committee member. “Casey Williams is the sales manager working with MurrayCo and he is the point of contact for details and inquiries. He can help with everything from financing to planning the details, if that is what prospective buyers need.” The current status of the home is approximately 40 percent complete. Plumbers and electricians will be working this week and next before sheet rock and finishing begins. “This house is officially up for sale,” said Mike Murray, developer of the project. “If someone is interested in this home and qualifies for a loan, they can come in prior to the completion and customize it within the scope of the costs associated with finishing the house. The sooner someone gets involved in the purchase, the more decisions they can make in finishing out the home’from paint color to other basic details.” MurrayCo is a custom home builder that has experience building homes that range in size and value from manufactured and modular housing, to complete custom homes of significant value. “If people like the look of this home or are interested in this project, we can build them a home based upon the amount of their loan,” said Murray. “If someone wants us to build a bigger house, that is no problem, we can do just about anything.” The combined effort to build and market this project also includes a variety of financing options. “We have a unique opportunity in the fact that the lot was donated by the MCIF which is a true non-profit organization, and that means that a qualified buyer is eligible for a no-down payment loan, because the buyer gets credit for the value of the lot,” said Williams, the sales manager for the project. Another benefit to this development project is that the entire plan is not exclusive to Brady. Residents of McCulloch County interested in building a home can build anywhere in the county whether it be Lohn, Rochelle, Melvin or Voca. “We are already looking for the next lot to acquire so we can continue the momentum we have thus far,” said Schroeder. “We are very excited to see this plan come to fruition after several months of planning and research.” To find out more details about the home or the possibility of building another home, contact Williams at 325-784-5135 or 325- 642-3340.

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