Keith’s ACE Hardware, Ty’s Journey to be featured on CMN’s annual telethon

The Children’s Miracle Network will host its annual telethon this weekend in an effort to raise funds for a program that works with hospitals throughout the nation which specialize in treating children. Shannon Medical Center is the regional affiliate hosptial that participates in the annual telethon. Each year, the Children’s Miracle Network Celebration brings people together to celebrate the life-saving work of children’s hospitals and bring hope to millions of kids across North America. The annual Celebration TV broadcast will air nationwide this weekend from noon to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday on KLST-TV in San Angelo. The telethon will feature stories of event sponsors from the past year and people with heartwarming stories of children who have triumphed over diseases and injuries of all kinds. Brady’s own Keith’s Ace Hardware and Ty’s Journey will be featured in the final hour of the telethon as well as from the 2-3 p.m. hour when they makea personal appearance for a check donation. The event is also used to check in on the 2006 poster children for CMN and also to introduce the new kids for 2007. “McCulloch County is included in the 11- county market that is covered by Shannon Medical Center’s affiliation with CMN,” said Sharla Adam with CMN. “The funds that are raised and donated stay in this region and go directly toward funding equipment purchases right here at Shannon.” Children’s Miracle Network is the alliance of premier children’s hospitals. Every year, network hospitals treat 17 million children for every disease and injury imaginable. CMN hospitals impact the lives of more children than any other children’s organization in the world. Children’s hospitals provide state-of- the-art care, life-saving research and preventative education for children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Last year, the generosity of more than 2,500 individuals and businesses have made possible these purchases with 2005 Children’s Miracle Network Funds: ‘ Isolette-$6,300. These beds keep baby’s body temperature stable.’ Isolettes are used especially with babies born prematurely or who have small birth weights.’ The stable environment of the isolette helps keep the babyies’ temperature stable which in turn, helps the baby gain weight and go home sooner. ‘ Teen Lounge- $17,000.’ Dedicated in memory of Justin Tackett, a 2004 Miracle Child, this lounge gives teenagers a place to ‘hang out’ while recuperating from surgery or illness.’It includes a plasma television, DVD, Xbox, surround-sound, video games and great relaxing furniture. ‘$1,200. This special Website allows patient families to connect around the world with others going through the same experiences of critical injury or illness. ‘ Fighting Insulin Resistance and Sneeze & Wheeze Camps-$10,000. These camps, sponsored by Shannon Health and Wellness, bring fun education to children.’ Fighting Insulin Resistance works with children at risk for developing Type II diabetes to teach them how they can avoid developing the disease.’Sneeze & Wheeze is designed for asthmatic children to educate them about their disease and also let them enjoy a typical summer camp experience. ‘ Pediatric Endoscope, Pediatric Grasper and Speculum for Surgical Services- $11,000.’Special surgical instruments designed for the smaller, more delicate needs of children. ‘ Infant Scales – $8,800.’Scales are used to provide weights at delivery and on a daily basis.’One of these scales is equipped to automatically measure infants at birth.’These scales are used in the nursery or in the mother’s room. ‘ Portable X-ray Unit for Pediatrics- $39,000.’The portable x-ray is used in pediatrics and nursery to x-ray on-site instead of transporting the children across the concourse to the hospital’s main radiology department. ‘ Bili-Blankets-$5,200. Special blankets used to provide therapy for babies who have jaundice, or yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.’ These blankets deliver special light therapy to break down jaundice.’ It coordinates the care of mom and baby and keeps all information stored on optical disc.’ Additionally, the physician can access the information from his office or home computer while mom is in labor.’ This will provide closer monitoring of mom and baby before delivery. ‘ Broselow Bags for Regional Emergency Services and San Angelo Fire Department – $11,200′ These special treatment bags are designed to meet the needs of children in cardiac arrest.’ These bags were given to ambulance services in McCulloch, Sutton and Crockett counties. ‘ New Rockers for Pediatrics and Nursey – $13, 500’ ‘ Portable Spirometer for Shannon Health and Wellness – $5,800’ This equipment allows staff to conduct asthma screenings throughout San Angelo and surrounding communities. ‘ Starlight/Starbright Funcenters – $9,600’ A gift from Wells Fargo Bank, San Angelo, these funcenters are a combination DVD/game cube for children in pediatric and other units in the main hospital.

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