County votes to approve CNB as depository

The McCulloch County Commissioners met Tuesday for a single agenda item and re- appointed Commercial National Bank as their depository institution. The commissioners were presented with bid proposals two weeks ago at their last meeting. At that time, the court tabled the decision until the details of the proposals could be studied in detail. According to McCulloch County Judge Randy Young, the bids included proposals for everything from checks and services to certificates of deposit and both interest and non-interest bearing accounts. After careful deliberation it was decided to continue with Commercial National Bank. “Both bids were extremely close or identical on almost all aspects,” said Young. “Brady National Bank had a slight advantage in one particular category, but it was determined that the costs associated with changing institutions would far outweigh the benefits of the slight financial advantage.” The commissioners will reconvene for their next regular meeting on Monday, June 11 at 9 a.m.

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