Angel Food boxes help feed anyone

Dear Citizens, If you’ve ever wondered how you’re going to feed your family then you know what its like to be scared. There are so many of us that live from paycheck to paycheck and our income is forever fixed. After the bills are paid we sit and wonder how we are going to buy groceries for the next week or two depending on how your pay period is set up. Thanks to Angel Food Ministries you don’t have to do that anymore. Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non- denominational organization that helps provide grocery relief to families all over the United States. Since it’s inception 11 years ago, Angel Food has begun serving 32 states across the country. In 2006, 4.4 million families found help in feeding their families. In April 2006 alone, over 500,000 families were fed. Angel Food Ministries is truly a God- driven organization. Just by the number of people it feeds shows that God is the one in control. Angel Food Ministries does not require you to qualify for its services. All you need is $25 a month and you can feed your family. For that $25, an Angel Food box provides approximately $65 worth of groceries from any grocery store. Angel Food provides you with ‘restaurant grade’ meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. These foods are acquired through the best quality vendors. You can rest assured that they are never second hand or day old products. Wow ‘ God is truly amazing! Sure, you will still have to frequent the store for milk, bread and a few staples, but your Angel Food box will provide enough food to last a up to a month, depending on the size of your family. What’s more is that there is no limit to the number of boxes you can purchase. If you have a larger family, $50 will buy two boxes and so on and so forth. ‘Along with a purchase of one basic box of Angel Food, you have the opportunity to purchase a variety of special boxes that are mostly a mixture of several other meats. These extra boxes range anywhere from $15 to $18 and are just an added joy to your family for that month.’ Just think, if you start now you can begin to stock your freezer and not have to worry. It needs to be stressed that Angel Food Ministries serves all people, not just the low income. Orders must be pre-paid and food stamps are accepted as payment. After initial interest in the program peaked, after a year in Brady, the past year has seen a gradual decline in the number of boxes delivered to Brady. This ministry could grow and expand to serve many more families with an increased awareness of the opportunity it affords. Angel Food is based on volume and to keep a truck coming to Brady, 350 boxes are needed each month. Without the participation of all people, the ones that need the program will not be able to buy food. This is one ministry that helps the ones that can’to help the ones that can’t’and no one knows the difference. In Brady, contact the First United Methodist Church at 597-3436 for more information about Angel Food Ministries. Sincerely, Angel Food Ministry Board

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