Hail damage heavy in Melvin and East Sweden

May 20-24, 1966 Vicious hail storms hit two separate areas in McCulloch County Sunday and Monday afternoon, causing thousands of dollars in damage to both homes and crops in the East Sweden and Melvin communities. Sunday afternoon, East Sweden was hard hit by hail and damaging winds. Valton Cates and George Engdahl lost their entire crops. Paul Engdahl lost his oat crop and part of his wheat. The storm lifted before the wheat was completely destroyed. The Engdahl’s sighted a tornado which touched down in the west pasture of the Carlos Richter ranch, uprooting trees and causing considerable damage. The Lindsay Passmores’ roof was riddled by hail so badly they could not remain in the home on Sunday night. Passmore and Marvin Riddell also received crop damage. The hail, which passed over twice, came along with hard rain. The Engdahls’ reported three and one half inches in about 30 minutes before the gauge was broken by hailstones. “The first hail storm was light but the second sounded like anvils hitting the roof. It was terrible,” stated Mrs. Engdahl. “Fruit trees were torn out of the ground and a huge mesquite tree was twisted off about shoulder high from the winds that accompanied the storm. Bark was beaten off the fence posts.” The town of Melvin and surrounding areas were beaten by eggsized, jagged hailstones Monday afternoon. Alvis Waldrep estimated the loss in Melvin to be about $25,000 to $40,000 to roofs, windows and other property, with the school and First Baptist Church being the hardest hit. Crops near Melvin suffered damage, with one of the worst being the Vester Richie property. Richie was in the middle of the alley of hail about one mile wide and five miles long. Avert Carlson, Otha Fortson and Edsel Malmstrom also received heavy crop damage. *** Safe crackers get $1,000 at McShan and Son No. 2 Burglars hit Brady again sometime late Thursday night or early Friday morning when they broke into the R.A. McShan & Son No. 2 Grocery at 11th and Bridge Streets and took over $1,000. The burglars gained entry by breaking a lock on the rear entrance to the store. They used a blow torch to cut a square hole in the side of the safe. R.A. McShan was notified of the burglary at 3:30 a.m. Friday morning by a produce delivery driver. According to McShan, the thieves were only after cash since checks and charge tickets were left in the safe. Sheriff Luke Vogel and police Chief Dorman Gibbs investigated the break-in but found no clues. The law officers are of the opinion that this was a “professional” job. *** Kindergarten graduation held at FCC Graduation exercises for students of Mrs. Jean Williams were held Tuesday evening in the Fellowship Hall of the First Christian Church. The pint-size graduates presented a program with a space blast-off theme. Those students graduating from kindergarten were Kirk Roddie, Todd Whitesell, Eddie Sayles, Abby T. Flemming, Corey Dodds, Randy Moore, Jackie Holloway, Melodianne Mallow, James Cude, Becky McAnally, Bobby Hughes Sari Day, Steven S helton, Teresa Vinson, Kelli Hermanson, Kyle McBee, Diane Jeschke, Dean Ellison, Jeane Ross, Jimmy Mitchel and Susan Rudder. *** City Council approves plan on lake road The City Council adopted a resolution last week accepting the provisions of the State Highway Commission for improvements by the Texas Highway Department of the farm to market road over the Brady Lake area. The resolution is another step toward building the long awaited road. Only a week earlier the county commissioners voted to obtain their share of the right-of-way for the road. At the time that the commissioners passed their resolution, district engineer Ben Dillon estimated that it would be one to two years before the road would be constructed. *** Eight flights filled for businessman’s golf For the first time in several years all eight flights of the Texas Businessmen’s Gold Tournament on Memorial Day weekend have been filled. Entries were received quickly once the invitations were sent out. A waiting list has been established in case of cancellations. The golf course is in excellent shape and has sparked a lot of interest with out-of-town players since the partnership tourney earlier this year. Bill Sikes of Brownwood will be returning to defend his title along with former champions O. B. Poole of Del Rio and Chuck Ribelin of Odessa. Entertainment has been planned for the golfers and their spouses in the form of a barbecue, cocktail party and a dance. Two hundred and fifty or more visitors are expected to invade Brady for the event. Trophies, pro-line clubs, bags and balls will be presented to flight winners, consolation winners and runners-up. Over $1,500 in prizes will be awarded. *** PERSONAL MENTIONS Mercury wedding shower A wedding shower honoring Sandra Cottle and John Banks will be held at the Mercury Community Center, Saturday, May 28 at 7:30 p.m. All friends and relatives are invited to attend. *** Patient in St. Luke’s John Henry Stanfield is seriously ill in St. Luke’s Hospital in San Angelo. Stanfield has been employed by Mrs. Fred Wulff, Sr. for the past 41 years. *** Daughter feted with school party Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Miller feted their little girl Jeanne Ross with an end of school party at their lake cabin Thursday evening, May 19. The children enjoyed hot dogs, chips, pickles, cookies, cupcakes and cold drinks. Guests attending were Teresa Vinson, Becky McAnally, Elisha Hays, Melodianne Mallow, Sari Day, Kelli Hermanson, Diane Jeschke and Susan Rudder. The little girls enjoyed playing games.

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