‘It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!’

Let me begin by saying to the community of Brady what I tell the kids almost on a daily basis “It’s a great day to be a Bulldog.” It is, indeed, a tremendous time to be a part of the Brady ISD and the community of Brady. Positive things are going on daily around the town and school district. And if those items weren’t enough, how about that 2-1 vote last week for the kids of Brady’ But that is not what this writing will entail. I want to address the Class of 2007 for a moment. Seniors, that moment that you’ve awaited for 12 long years will soon be upon you. This Friday night you 80 seniors will gather together for the last time. There will be joy, grins, laughter, sadness, tears, nervousness, anxiousness and dozens of other emotions will be evidenced. Big, strong guys will shed crocodile tears. Girls will hide their sadness with laughter. But it will be a ceremony none will soon forget. Thirty-three years ago this week, I too, walked across a stage to receive my high school diploma and it is still a memory I will never forget. As an Athletic Director I, of course, look at some things differently than others. The class of ’07 will not be remembered for all their athletic achievements made during their four years. Although there were some highlights, it was not the best athletic class to walk these halls. But let me tell you something about this class that has really stood out to me. As soon as I got here last spring, I heard nothing but negatives about this class. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are as hard working kids as I’ve ever coached. They really did strive to do what is right and wanted to win as bad as any I’ve had. The attitudes of this class were second to none. I’ll repeat what I said at the athletic banquet last week. When this program gets turned (and it will get turned), I will be thanking the class of ’07 for that turnaround. Through all the changes and the turmoil that went with it, I heard no complaints or rumblings from these ‘kiddoes’ or their parents. The class of’ 07 will be successful in whatever endeavors each of them chooses. Make no mistake about that. Congratulations, seniors! It is indeed a great day to be a Bulldog!

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