Words have their own power

Do you recall the childhood saying that went something like: ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue.’What you say bounces back to you.’Lately I’ve realized how much truth there is in that concept. Probably there is no scientific evidence to support my claims.’By observation, however, I believe that our own words come back to haunt us or help us. Let a person speak only of sickness, disease, or their fears, and it seems they are the ones most likely to come down ill.’The folks whose words are filled with love, joy, laughter, life, health and helping other people are the ones who seldom get sick.’When they do, they recover rather rapidly. It appears to be true that most of the time we speak words that we’ve thought.’Equally true, however, is that the words we say influence what we think. That person who gets laid off from work begins with a comment like, ‘I’m feeling so useless since I lost my job.’Soon he believes he’s valueless because he’s not working.’His depression slides him further away from getting a job. The Bible teaches that we should give or seek forgiveness for a quickly spoken, ill-advised word.’For, the word itself does have its own power.’Once it is spoken, it cannot be called back.’New words can be used to patch up the damages.’Apologies can be made. Forgiveness can be offered.’But the words can’t be brought back as though they had never been spoken. Such comments about words may sound strange to modern ears, but they shouldn’t.’God could speak the word and whatever He said came into existence.’According to the book of Genesis that’s how our universe was created.’The Bible also says we’re co-creators with Him.’We’re not as powerful as He is, but we’re probably more effective than we realize. When we say words of kindness and blessing to another person, we do have a chance to influence their lives.’But having spoken those words because we already believe them to be true, our own statements will affect us deeply. So, speak of life and love, of joy and health, of peace and God’s presence.’Speak of all good and noble, wonderful and inspiring events and concepts you can.’Then watch, over a period of time, how they have an affect on you. Your words are your friends just like people are.’In both cases we’re influenced and known by the company we keep.

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