City, County to back EMS with Heart of Texas Hospital

At its regular meeting Wednesday morning, the Brady City Council entered into a management agreement with the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital to subsidize and manage the local EMS operation. In its proposed contract with the hospital, the council passed a measure that will be valid for approximately 10 months’through April 1, 2008. The group also named Eddie Sayles as the new EMS coordinator. He replaces the former coordinator, Gloria Slone, who resigned recently due to health and personal reasons. Sayles will be in charge of the six-member staff and one part-time employee. A full staff was reported to be 10 members. Sayles will answer to Tim Jones, the administrator at the hospital. The City of Brady will maintain the staff and equipment for the EMS as well as continue to recieve billing charges throughout the duration of the agreement. “The financial issues with EMS are something that we’ve been dealing with for years,” Mayor James Stewart said. “This opportunity created itself quite suddenly and I feel, as does City Manager Merle Taylor and Hospital Adminstrator Tim Jones, that this is the best decision for the department.” The council also approved an agreement of five years with Hill Country K-Life for the use of the Boy Scout Lodge. The facility has been in ill repair for some time, Tom Sammons, spokesman for the organization informed the council. “We will have our meetings in the building and will repair and renovate the main room. We plan on installing an air conditioner, carpeting floors, repairing the ceiling, and fixing the electrical system,” he said. The K-Lifers will begin their work immediately in order to have the facility ready for the start of the next shool year. Another action item was the council gave Don Scott and Central Texas Salvage and Recycling a 30-day notice of cancelling its contract. City Manager Merle Taylor said the city has equipment that will handle the baling at the landfill. In still another ordinance item, the council passed on first reading a law that will deal with dilapidated houses. Stewart said that in a discussion with the city’s attorney, most of the wording had already been done in efforts with other cities and that the ordiance was “plug and play” with some simple modifications. The ordinance, according to Stewart, sets the stage for the city to be better equipped in dealing with old and run down buildings. The items in the ordinance include “establishing minimum standards for housing, proving responsibilities of owner and occupant, providing for demolition and/or vacating of dangerous buildings, providing for repair duties for apartments, providing for notice requirements, providing for affirmative defenses, providing a penalty clause and providing a savings clause. The final ordinance passed on first reading was to purchase an elevated scraper for the landfill. Taylor said it would be on a lease/ purchase contract with a five-year warranty and will cost $3,500 a month. During the citizen comments session, Sue Hall reiterated that a group from Austin will be here May 21 to neuter/spay 100 animals. She is also attempting to get an animal shelter up and running in Brady. In his city manager’s report, Taylor said that Town and Country is proceding with its new truck stop/food service facility in the location formerly held by Plateau Motel on the south side of Brady. “The rains have hampered that project as well as the South Bridge Street project,” he said. Lisa Remini gave her financial report, and stated that her department was busy working on the budget for a June 1 presentation. Stewart closed the meeting by updating the public on the clean-up project. “We realized a significant reduction in the actual cost of our rented roll off dumpsters because we didn’t have as much weight as we had expected and estimated. Instead of having to pay the $9,000 fee, we’ll only have to pay $3,724,” he said. “This creates additional opportunities in the future to have the roll off dumpsters brought back again for another cleanup effort.” Stewart also said that the golf course irrigation system project should be ready for bids within two weeks. “We are losing our golf course superintendent J.T. Epley, who has been here for 10 years. He will be moving back to Crane where he taken job in the oil business.

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