Easements not so easy for McCulloch Commissioners

The McCulloch County Commissioners Court spent a considerable amount of time in discussion with James Allen Williams, trying to take another step toward finalizing the four- year-old highway easement issue. The situation has come on the heels of efforts to get the proper paperwork and property issues settled in 11 different easment requests in order to facilitate a Texas Department of Transportation project. When it was all said and done, the commissioners and Williams agreed to revisit some origional ideas with hopes of expediting the eventual solution. The two-hour meeting began with a request to abandon an old road in northwest McCulloch County and offer the said property to the adjoining landowners, Larry Walker and Jasper Stover. Commissioner Brent Deeds offered paperwork he received from the Texas Attorney General’s office possibly allowing that the land be transferred to the landowners without charge. Donald Barley, the attorney researching the title and deed information, asked that the issue be passed on the initial discussion with the outcome of the paperwork to afford any other options, if possible. The request was approved unanimously pending further research. The court then proceeded to open two bids from local banks concerning the decision for the county’s depository bid for the next fiscal year. The bids, submitted by Brady National Bank and Commercial National Bank, were detailed by representatives of each institution as a brief explanation of their proposals. The bids were different than in years past and followed a uniform bid request in order to facilitate equal comparisons. According to the bids submitted, both banks proposed rates on checking, savings and certificates of deposit based upon the 26- week T-bill rate plus an additional percentage. After the information was presented to the commissioners, they voted to table the decision of which bank to choose as depository until the next meeting that will be held Tuesday, May 29 so they may have additional time to study the proposals. Another agenda item discussed at the request of Deeds was to consider both the immediate and future needs of the county in planning for additional office space, specifically, that of for the county clerk’s office. With the anticipation of the upcoming courthouse renovation project, temporary housing for the offices has been a recurring issue with no definite plans. According to Monday’s discussion, there are several immediate options that Deeds felt the commissioners should consider based upon currently available office locations. “We need to plan for this carefully so we only have to move once,” remarked Tina Smith, the county clerk. “Moving the records is something that needs to be done very carefully with a lot of planning.” The need for a bigger facility for the county clerk’s office has also brought about discussions of a permanent relocation that will offer more workable space and access to the public. No formal decision was made, and the discussion died for lack of motion. The commissioners also approved a request by the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce to host the show and shine event in tandem with the drag boat races on the courthouse square. “This will really give the boaters an opportunity to draw some attention to the event,” said Wendy Ellis with the chamber. “The square is very visible and will attract a lot of attention.” The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 29 due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.

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