With 28 years of experience, there are reasons for the bond

Dear Editor, Well, I have sat back and kept quiet long enough. The recent letters to the Brady and San Angelo papers admonishing the proposed school bond issue have warranted a response from me. As a resident of Brady for only one year, many may ask what right I have to discuss this important issue. My 28 years in the education business gives me that right. I am one of the very few who live in Brady who has been employed by numerous school districts over those 28 years’seven to be exact. There is absolutely no doubt these are the oldest and least safe facilities I have ever been associated with in my years. When letter writers say the classes and classrooms are not overcrowded, they obviously have not seen many of the classrooms on this campus during the school day. I was intrigued by James Stewart’s editorial comparing an old car to our structure at the high school campus. He is exactly correct. Yes, we could keep putting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bandages on this facility. But my question is this. At what point do we ask what is best for our kiddos’ I would be curious to see how often these letter writer’s vehicles are traded in for a newer model. Not traded in because it won’t take them places, but traded in because it is just nicer and you have a little pride in what vehicle you are seen. Pride’there is a word not many have mentioned during this letter-writing drive. Pride is defined as ‘having proper self-respect or self-esteem.’ Why wouldn’t we want our students to daily walk into a school in which they could be proud’ I really get tired of taking our kids to participate at other schools and listen to them wonder out loud ‘Why can’t we have things like this’ I would hate to answer them next week with ‘Well, we could, but the voters of Brady decided you were not worth the cost.’ Those against this bond issue cannot really be against our kids. And let’s not talk about money. This is not a money issue. Taxes will be affected minimally. Do you want to talk about safety’ How many of these letter writers have seen the thousands of bats flying around in the fall and spring at dawn and dusk’ How many have smelled the bat guano as you enter just about any entrance to the school’ How many have slipped or fallen on water which has leaked either through a roof or an old pipe’ Some bring up highway safety. Try driving around campus during the beginning of lunch or just after school. As each of you pushes that button on Saturday I beg you to think of NOTHING but the kids it will affect for years and years. Please don’t think of your pocketbook. Don’t think of board members, administrators or teachers you may or may not agree with. Vote only your conscious and your conscious should be asking you ‘What is BEST for the children of Brady I.S.D. Glen Jones Brady, Tex.

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