Brady student receives USHLI scholarship

The United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) today released the results of its second annual Career Day/College Recruitment Fair, held April 21, at the Brownwood Coliseum. Approximately 250 students, counselors, recruiters, parents and volunteers attended. While the number of students attending was below that of last year, more schools’23 in all’were represented this year. There were also recruiters from two more colleges than last year. The keynote speaker was Jimmy Cabrera from Houston. All students received a CD directory of 1,000 grants and scholarships available to Hispanic students. Eleven students from seven schools received scholarships, including Donna Huerta from Brady. Students provided the following demographic information: 63 percent were female; 66 percent were in grades nine to 11; 86 percent were citizens; 14 percent were interested in vocational or technical school; 67 percent of fathers in the household had not graduated high school; 74 percent of mothers in the household had not graduated high school; 33 percent had never discussed post-secondary education with their counselor or more than once; 22 percent had discussed post- secondary education with their counselor twice; 98 percent rated the program good- excellent; and 100 percent said they would encourage others to attend. In releasing the results, USHLI President Dr. Juan Andrade said, ‘We were very pleased with the results of our program this year. Hundreds of students, parents and recruiters had the opportunity to discuss post- secondary education, including vocational, technical and four-year colleges. We were delighted with the cooperation of high school and middle (junior) high school principals and counselors and look forward to working with them again next year. We are pleased to sponsor a Career Day/College Recruitment Fair of this quality and magnitude for Hispanic students in the Central West Texas area.’

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