Million dollar rain covers McCulloch County

April 26-29, 1966 A new spirit has been injected into the Heart of Texas with life-giving rains over the weekend that brought miles of smiles to the citizens of McCulloch County. The moisture could not have come at a better time with farmers planting and plowing with renewed interest and better prospects ahead. The rainfall in Brady totaled 1.87 inches, according to the official government weather observer, Mrs. J. R. Cochran. The rainfall in the downtown area was the highest of those reported to the Herald. As usual, Voca was the favored spot with a total of over six inches. Next came the Stephens Ranch, southeast of Brady, with 5.5 inches, Whiteland, 4.5, Salt Gap 3.8 and other communities which received lesser amounts. Wayne Spiller, southeast of Voca had the highest report with 6.8 inches over the weekend. It was the best rain in months and in several years some farmers and ranchers reported. Streams and stock tanks were filled giving farmers and ranchers some much needed relief. With the 4.5 inches in Whiteland and 5 inches on the Comfort Ranch, Brady Lake caught some of the run-off. Brady Creek was running some above the Dodge Crossing. The channel is full and “things are just right to catch a lot of the run-off,” said City Supt, James Feazelle. “If we could just get two or three inches in the watershed above the lake within a few days we would see a nice rise in Brady Lake.” Brady Lake has risen about a foot, and that will aid the fishing. Some sizable catches of crappie and bass have been reported over the last several weeks. Whether the grain crops can be salvaged is yet to be determined. Regardless,the grain crop will be small this year compared to previous years. *** All dogs should be vaccinated, tagged Police Chief Dorman Gibbs and the City of Brady declare the time has arrived when all dogs in the city should be vaccinated for rabies. Gibbs has cautioned that all dogs not vaccinated and tagged will be picked up and placed in the city pound where they will be held for a reasonable length of time until they are claimed and vaccinated or destroyed. “If we should have an outbreak of rabies in Brady every untagged or unvaccinated dog in the city would have to be killed. I would certainly hate to have to do this,” explained Gibbs. “Children and adults do not have to be bitten by a rabid animal, the saliva from a dog infected with rabies can get into an open wound and cause just as much damage as a bite,” he stated. “The rabies shots are extremely painful, as I have had the experience of taking them. Both of my children had to undergo the painful treatment as well. Rabies is 100 percent dangerous this time of year so I ask all dog owners to please cooperate and have their pets vaccinated,” Gibbs said. *** Rochelle wins second place in Community Improvement The Rochelle Community Improvement Committee has received word that Rochelle placed second in the District seven, Division one, Texas Community Improvement Program. Doss Community of Mason was the first place winner. The Texas Community Improvement Program is sponsored by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service and the electric utility companies operating in Texas. The utility companies donated $6,800 in prizes. Communities that are participating for the first, second or third year and that have not been chosen as first place winners are in Division I. Communities that have participated for at least three years or have been first place winners are placed in Division II. Prizes range from $100 for first place to The $25 for third and fourth places. All district first place winners will have their record books submitted for state judging. Division I and II competing against each other, the four top communities will be visited by judges and prize amounts of $450, $350, $250 and $150 will be distributed to the winners. Division communities are judged on their efforts of organization, leadership, signage, rural/urban regulations, improvement of health conditions, and increasing and managing income. Rockwell Nursery, Striegler Nursery and Brady Gardens have awarded prizes of shrubs to families who have made outstanding home improvements. Those winners are Leland Banks, Pete Soto and the Carl Davenport families. *** Bulldog golfers place fifth in regional tournament Coach Paul Huntington’s Bulldog golfers, minus the top man, Dayton Archer, placed fifth in the regional golf tournament in Lubbock, coming in 24 strokes behind the overall winners. Alpine, a dark horse in the golf competition, placed first with 317 followed by Stamford with 322, Crane 324, Post 339 and Brady with 341. Individual scores for the Brady team were Ted Archer 82, LaRay Brashers 82, Ronald Martin 88, and Chris Huffman 89. Donnie Kyzar made the trip as an alternate.

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