Hole-in-one can pay off

Do you know how much you can win if you are a Brady Golf Association member and you make a hole-in-one during a Hully Gully’ The fund, as of April 26, is $3,702, and it will be more when we play the next Hully Gully Thursday, May 3. Last Thursday’s Hully Gully posted 18 players. In first place, with a score of 29, was the team consisting of Jimmie Fore, Peanut Owens, Raymond Torres and Terri Virdell. In second was the team of Terry Virdell, Swede Carlson, Don Head, Joe Carriger and Jay Medrano, scoring a 30. The team of David Brown, Scott Garner, Don Crooks and Kathy Powell was tied for third with the team of John McNelly, Bobby Williams, Gail Bryant, Curtis Owens and Robin Owens. Welcome, Robin, to your first Hully Gully. Come on, David Brown, you can make all those dozens of holes-in-one at other times, why not during a Hully Gully’ The green for the closest-to-the-pin was number 3, and no one collected this week. Next week we will have the pot from this week and the number to play next week. We encourage all golfers to come out and join the fun, and we welcome any and all suggestions on how to make the Hully Gully bigger and better. See you May 3.

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