Continued storms welcome to area

Two thunderstorms on consecutive days gave McCulloch County some nice rains early Monday and Tuesday mornings. The welcome storms are the result of low pressure coming in from the West Coast. Brady received 2.75 inches over the past two days. April 30 registered 1.54 inches, and this morning’s storm (with lightning and thunder) gauged 1.21 inches. April’s overall rainfall total was 5.29 inches, some three inches more than the normal for the month which is 2.10 inches. The average rainfall for the Heart of Texas through April is 6.20, and entering May, Brady has been the recipient of 12.86 inches. Some of the totals from around the county are only Monday’s totals as the newspaper went to press this morning: ‘Fife, 1.60 ‘Pear Valley, 0.60 ‘Lohn, 1.10 ‘Rochelle, 2.00 ‘Melvin, about 3.00 ‘Brady Lake, gauge blew down ‘Brady, 1.54 + 1.21’2.75 ‘East Sweden, 1.76 + 1.39’3.15 ‘Calf Creek, 2.20 +2.00’4.20 ‘Camp San Saba, 3.30 ‘Voca, 3.80 The forecasts continue to call for more rain in the latter part of the week.

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