Deep Clean effort tops out at 1.2 million pounds

With the town still buzzing about last weekend’s cleanup effort, the final totals are still coming in about how much trash was collected in the effort to clean up Brady. Initial reports from the two days of collection were 547 overall tons weighed at the Brady landfill with the amounts of the eight roll off dumpsters still outstanding. City of Brady crews were busy Monday wrapping up several jobs that were left near completion, specifically the removal of a burned out home located on West White Street. When Monday’s loads to the landfill were added, the total jumped to 593.82 tons with the weight of the now nine roll off dumpsters still outstanding. “We received word early Thursday that the nine dumpsters had a total of 28.31 tons which brings the total to 622.13 tons for the entire effort,’ said Brady City Manager Merle Taylor. ‘We had eight dumpsters on site, but we went ahead and had one more dumpster brought back and filled up with the leftover material that was at the G. Rollie White Complex for a total of nine roll off dumpsters filled to the brim. Reports from Jim Kidd, the landfill supervisor, detailed the totals as 219.92 tons dumped in the Type I Pit (household garbage) and 373.90 tons in the Type 4 Pit (construction and demolition). “I appreciate all of the volunteers of the community working so hard to make this event a true success. There was a tremendous amount of community effort, not just the city employees, that made this all happen.” At a lunch meeting held Wednesday with city crews who participated in the event, Taylor also noted that from the city’s perspective, the event was an even bigger success. He stated that with all of the equipment and personnel involved, safety measures that are part of their daily routines provided an event without any reported injuries and only two flat tires reported as equipment issues. “The fact that we had no broken equipment and no injuries is something that should be noted by everyone involved. For something of this size and magnitude to go off that well, it took a combined effort on everyone’s behalf and everyone is to be commended.” The Clean Deep committee will meet today to debrief, reorganize and began planning for their next major event. The documents on properties that were cleaned and the number of volunteers and the hours worked is still being tabulated in order to provide an accurate count of the total man-hours and economic impact this weekend’s effort had. Those details will be published as they become available.

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