News from the Retired Teachers Association

The McCulloch County Retired Teachers Association met April 10 at Barbara’s Pantry at 11 a.m. in regular monthly session. President Gloria Weatherman opened the meeting by leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of ‘America.’ The minutes for the March 13 meeting were read and approved, as was the treasurer’s report. Marilyn Powell introduced Linda Roesler, daughter of RTA member, Alvin Roesler, who reviewed the Texas historical fiction novel, ‘Love Is A Wild Assault,’ by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland. Miss Roesler said that she had learned much about Texas history through the reading of the book. Though written as fiction, it is written mainly from the notes of Mrs. Potter, a very brave Texas pioneer. The book is in Richards Memorial Library and is very worthwhile a person’s time. President Weatherman mentioned the district convention in Brownwood and inquired if anyone would like to attend with her. Kay Holloway volunteered to attend and will join Mildred Weatherman, Elois Ficke and Marilyn Powell. President Weatherman announced that the county’s RTA membership had increased by one, and we had received a check from the state for $5. Marilyn Powell reported that 100 books for children had been collected. Each McCulloch County kindergartener will receive a personalized book to take home, and any books remaining will be applied to next year’s collection. She also reported that the cookies and membership materials were delivered to the Lohn and Rochelle schools and were very well received. Legislative chairman Eloise Ficke reported that she had received a report from Tim Lee, executive director, who stated that the legislature will increase the active member contribution to the retirement fund from 6.4 percent to 6.6 percent. The Texas RTA is continuing to Lobby for a Texas retiree raise, particularly through Senator Duncan’s office. Eloise reported on the upcoming college scholarship to be given to a graduating high school senior. She presented the Association’s proposal to the school counselor who will make recommendations. Historian Jessalu Lorck presented her attractively maintained scrapbook on which work is continuing. Jessalu and Eloise will attend the state convention in Austin. Jessalu asked if there was a particular way the group wanted them to vote. After a short discussion, Mildred Weatherman made a motion and Kay Holloway seconded the motion, that the delegates vote their feeling as to what they thought best for TRTA and the McCulloch County RTA in particular. Members and guests in attendance were Gloria Weatherman, Jean Knutson, Betty Knutson, Glenda Middleton, Mildred Weatherman, Linda Roesler, Diana Tate, Dolores Barton, Ruth Carson, Marilyn Powell, Winifred Rhea Burk, Margaret Powell, Kay Holloway, Eloise Ficke and Jessalu Lorck.

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