Clean Deep is the talk of the town

Wow!’What a weekend. When I was sworn in as mayor barely four months ago, I had no idea what was in store for me and for this community. Sure, I had ideas, hopes and dreams, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw in two days of hitting the streets in Brady this past weekend. The first two days of the “Clean Deep in the Heart of Texas” campaign showed me a glimpse of the potential for this community. The planning that went into this project was quite substantial, and the members of this committee are to be commended for their time and ideas to make this event a reality. But, for those of you who are wondering how this all started, that is all it was’a dream. An idea that was started and with the help of many individuals, developed into what I would deem as one of the most positive displays of community camaraderie I have seen in my 10 years of living in Brady. I challenged my church to “get off their hands, get out of the pews and into the community where we should be.” They responded, and so did the entire community of Brady. It’s been talked about for several weeks, even months, and now Brady has seen what potential it has sitting right here ready to be utilized. I was amazed at the response people gave when a helping hand was offered. The appreciation of everyone I saw was heartfelt and true. For many, a helping hand can boost morale, lift spirits and bring a smile to a face. Sure, there were some instances where our efforts were taken for granted, but those were vastly outnumbered by those who were truly thankful for assistance. Kudos to you, Brady. I am proud that you showed your true colors and are ready to answer the call. The volunteers are too numerous and the list of names of those to thank is long. So long, that I will not try to include them all for fear of missing one. We will be challenged in the weeks and months to come to prove that this movement, toward beautifying our city is just that’movement. In planning this event, I was constantly encouraged by the perceived momentum the event seemed to be gaining. Friday and Saturday, that momentum was not only confirmed but elevated to a level even I could not have hoped for. But for all of the effort, the dump truck loads, the sore backs, cuts and scrapes and sunburned bodies, we have only scratched the surface. Dilapidated houses need to be demolished and removed. Junk cars need to disappear, never to be returned and property owners need to continue in the effort to clean up their own yards and set an example for others. Without the effort from each citizen, we cannot succeed as a whole. We are in an education phase where we are all responsible for learning how each of us can help clean our town. Recycling is going to be a must if we hope to save our city landfill resources. The ball is rolling and gaining speed. Thanks to the community, the talk around town is positive. Let’s see what we can do next.’JS

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