City Hall Happenings’

Utility service question: What are the requirements to have utility service at a residence’ The City of Brady provides the following services: ‘ Electric ‘ Gas ‘ Water/Sewer ‘ Trash We require the following deposit: For an individual: $100 electric, $50 gas, $50 water/sewer/trash For a business: An amount that equals an average 45-day billing at the service address MasterCard/Visa accepted (Five percent convenience fee) We require a copy or fax of the following documents before we can place a service order to connect: ‘ Drivers’ license ‘ Deed/closing statement or rental agreement ‘ Signed application ‘ A gas pressure test by a plumber if the gas service has been off for six months or longer (Please note: the customer is responsible for the test, and no service(s) can be connected until this test is approved by the city inspector). We connect/disconnect services every work day between 2-4 p.m. Someone must be present for the service(s) to be connected. *** Billing component questions: What is the distribution charge’ How is the distribution charge calculated’ The distribution charge represents the amount necessary to charge each customer so that the city can pay for the cost of getting the electricity and/or gas from our substation/city gate to your house. This cost includes: infrastructure maintenance, and payroll for the city electric and gas crews. This charge does not include the cost of buying the commodity from the wholesale supplier. The rate is calculated by multiplying the consumption stated on your bill by the current rate approved by council. This rate is fixed and will only change when the council passes an ordinance stating a new rate. *** What is the power charge on electricity’ The power charge represents the cost of electricity that the City of Brady pays its supplier, the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and passes on to the end user. The rate charged will vary monthly because LCRA bases its rate on their cost of producing the power which is subject to the fluctuations of market pricing conditions. LCRA depends significantly on gas operated plants to produce electricity, which has caused the cost of producing electricity to rise substantially as the price of natural gas has gone up. *** What is the fuel charge on gas’ The fuel charge represents the cost of natural gas that the City of Brady pays its supplier, West Texas Gas (WTG) and passes on to the end user. The rate charged will vary monthly because WTG bases its rate on the Waha index plus $2.45 per unit. The Waha index is a variable rate that changes monthly based on market pricing conditions. *** Why are the fuel charges and the power charges higher than the distribution charges’ The supplier’s cost of generating power and transmitting it to the city costs more than the city’s cost of maintaining the city power and gas lines within the city limits. Again, fuel charges and power charges represent the cost of buying the power/fuel only, which is generated by the wholesale suppliers. The distribution charge represents the cost of distributing the power/fuel to your house from the city’s electric substation and/or gas gate.

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