Brady treated to new ‘drive through’ service

Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers brought new meaning to “drive through” last Thursday when it literally drove through’rather rode through’Brady enroute to its new location on South Bridge St. The building itself weighs an estimated 70,000 pounds, but with all of the equipment included in the transfer, more than 150,000 pounds of structure made its way down East Commerce, onto South Blackburn and up the short block on East Fifth St. to finally be at its new home. The process of relocating the structure from its East Commerce address to the more prime real estate location has been in the works for quite some time now. Haltered by rainfall, the project was delayed a few weeks but finally came to fruition late Thursday afternoon. Owners Syed and Talot Shah and their son and manager, Ali, are thrilled about the move and anticipate to be up and running again within a few short days. Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers offers a wide variety of burgers and roast beef entrees, as well as a number of platter items. New to the menu are pizzas and steaks. Still intact, the drive through will continue to offer convenience to the Shah’s customers. Operating hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week, including all major holidays. Future plans are to include expanding the eating area, landscaping both the upper and lower levels of the property and adding new items to the menu. For more information about Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers or to place an order, contact the restaurant at its new number, 597-9999.

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