Weekend storms bring 3.00+ inches almost countywide

“The best rain we’ve had in a long time.” That is the general consensus among rain watchers throughout the county following a five-day stretch of scattered showers that blessed the Heart of Texas with as much as 3.60 inches of rain. The combined rainfall is the most received in one week’s stretch since May 2006 when it rained 4.03 inches during the days of May 3-8. According to records, this is shaping up to be one of the best March rain totals in history. Brady gauged an official 3.66 inches for the month in 2004 with several other years in the three-inch range, but the most ever recorded during the month of March was 4.06 inches in 1934. Forecasters are calling for considerable chances of more showers later in the week. ‘We have been waiting for a rain like this for more than a year,’ said one local farmer. ‘It sure is just what we needed to help things along. We’re not out of the woods, but it sure is a good sign to see puddles in the fields.’

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