Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers ‘picks up’ shop and heads south

Location. Location. Location. Any business or homeowner will tell you that location makes all the difference. That well-known fact is exactly what Xyed and Calat Shah, owners of Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers, are banking on. Weather permitting, the Shahs will be moving their burger shop from East Commerce St. (near Super S) to the 400 block of South Bridge St. this week. And when I say “moving,” I mean just that’literally. The plan is to take the building structure itself from its current location and position it on a lot that has sat vacant in Brady for more than 20 years. The move was originally planned for Monday; however, Mother Nature intervened and the project has been delayed momentarily. According to Shah, a 50-ton balloon will be inflated underneath the building. With an estimated time of 10 minutes for the inflation process, the Shahs hope to be on Bridge Street within 45 minutes after that. If the old “location” adage is true, than what better place in Brady to pick up shop and relocate to than smack dab in the middle of Bridge St. It’s the “prime of prime” locations for doing business in Brady with U.S. Hwy. 87 traffic directly at your doorstop. The new site of the burger joint once housed Fourth & Bridge Street Church of Christ which relocated to its current location on the Menard Highway in the late 80s. The church is now known as Sunset Ridge Church of Christ. “I chose that location especially when I found out that so many people prayed on those grounds,” Shah added. “This will definitely be a blessing to us.” Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers just recently re- opened its doors for business, after taking a five- month hiatus to open another restaurant elsewhere in Texas. The shop offers a wide variety of burgers and roast beef entrees, as well as a number of platter items. New to the menu are pizzas and steaks. “If I’m not wrong, we have the best steaks in the county right now,” Shah said. “We’re selling more pizza and steaks right now than anything else.” Equipped with a drive-thru, convenience will continue to be a focus for the Shahs when their business takes shape on Bridge St. Operating hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. “We never close,” Shah added. “We’ll be open even on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. We generate more business on those two days than on any other day because we’re the only ones open.” Future plans are to include expanding the eating area and adding new items to the menu. The restaurant will also have RV and bus parking at the back of the property (off Blackburn St.). As a member of the International Society of Roses, Shah intends to grow a wide variety of roses at the new site and make the outdoor eating environment one of the nicest attractions in Brady. Landscaping and ongoing improvements will be occurring over a period of time with an outdoor waterfall and numerous other plantings proposed. “Once the building goes in, Young’s Ready Mix will complete the parking lot, and hopefully, within two to three days, we’ll be back in business.” Shah expressed his appreciation to the City of Brady, and especially City Manager Merle Taylor and his supervisors, for helping to bring utilities to the lot in such a timely manner. For more information about Brady’s Roast Beef & Burgers or to place an order, contact the restaurant at its new number, 597-9999.

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