Rochelle School sends support to American troops serving in Iraq

Rochelle Independent School District recently adopted a military brigade in Iraq. A medical aid station, the group is known as Charlie Medical Company, 215th Brigade Support Batallion, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the First Calvary Division.’ Each class and member of the office staff at Rochelle ISD has adopted a soldier. There are 58 soldiers, and 39 care packages were shipped to them March 20. According to RISD Supt. Steve Butler, 19 more packages were to be mailed Thursday afternoon. “We will have one of these mailings each month until school is out,” Butler added. “The boxes have items such as magazines, candy, snacks, lotion, gum, etc. that the soldiers have requested. The students and staff also correspond with ‘their’ soldier.’ “Many of us have sent disposable cameras for them to take pictures, and we sent the banner that you see in one of the pictures here. Mrs. Gossett and I even helped Raymond Torres, Rochelle postmaster, handle the packages with which we bombarded him. “As a former soldier many miles from home himself at one time, he was very appreciative of what we were doing. The students have been collecting goods for their boxes for several weeks, and they have collected the money for the postage themselves, also.”‘ Many classes have conducted bake sales during the lunch period to help pay postage and buy goods for their packages.

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