Alleged hostage situation ends in peaceful resolution

With lights flashing and sirens wailing, officers from the Brady Police Department responded to a would- be hostage situation at a house on West 12th Street late Tuesday afternoon. According to Lt. Lance Sides, several calls from third party callers initiated the response. He said that he, Chief Tommy Payne, and patrolman Chris Molondes were backed up by sheriff’s deputies George Escobar, Adam Hernandez and DPS Trooper John Griffith. At the scene, officers found Edward Ferreira, 57, hiding in the backyard, who told them a woman, Edie Barsch, 42, was accosting him with a bolt- action rifle and had gone inside. Officers knocked on the doors to the home located at 1013 West 12th Street, but could not get any response. As a last resort they made a forced entry, but nobody was inside the residence. On the inside they found the purported rifle. It had not been fired and was lying on a couch. As the officers were continuing their investigation, Ms. Barsch arrived back on the scene in her personal vehicle. The police were able to piece together part of the story and found that Barsch and Ferreira were boyfriend/girlfriend. The house in question is Barsch’s grandmother’s and she asked that the man be removed. Sides said that Ferreira was arrested and charged with trespassing. The investigation is ongoing, and the woman was not facing any charges as of Wednesday morning. In other police reports, Sides said that a number of car burglaries of convenience have occurred on a certain side of town. Without giving too much information, Sides said that those burglaries are called ‘convenience’ because people leave their car doors unlocked and make it convenient for the thieves to take things at will. He urged all persons to lock and secure their valuables and to not leave them in plain sight. He said this crime is dubbed also as a “rattle and roll” ‘you rattle the door, if it opens, you roll off with the merchandise. He said that the department has been actively investigating the recent burglary at Burrito Express and that several suspects are in line to be questioned.

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