Shower for Gini Moore

There will be a baby shower for Gini Moore Saturday, March 17 at the Lohn Tabernacle at 2:30 p.m. Gini and Sterling have chosen not to know if it’s a boy or a girl. Their nursery theme is frogs and selections are available at Target and Wal-Mart. Everyone is invited to attend. The Lohn Eagles Booster Association`s dinner for six has been a big hit, especially for the lucky winners. This year, the winner was Rachel Stidham. What better person to win a lovely meal than Rachel who spends five days each week preparing meals for students at Lohn School. She deserves to be waited on for a change. Enjoying the rib eye steaks cooked by Larry Walker, baked potatoes and rolls done by Ann Walker, salad by Nell Ellis, pecan and lemon pie by Polly Frost and Betty Hill were Dale and Rachel, their guests, Rex Stidham and friend, Summer, and her son, Daymon, Cyndy and Quentin Thomas, James and Maranda Stidham, James Jr. and Brigette. The Lohn Eagles Booster Association met Tuesday evening in the school cafetorium for a brief business meeting and to elect officers for this year. It would be difficult to find two people who can fill the shoes of E.W. and Polly Frost as president and vice president, so they were voted back in. Lyla Bivens was elected secretary, and Kathy Santiago, treasurer, replacing Betty Hill and Nell Ellis. Both ladies have done a wonderful job. Plans were discussed for future fundraisers. The Lohn Valley Improvement Association would like to acknowledge the following memorials received for the new fiscal year: ‘ For Lucille Phillips from Jeff and Mary Beth Willey, Klein and Celeta Reed, Joy Reeves, Melanie Tacker, Willey Phillips Family, The Law Firm of Fullbright and Jaworski of Dallas, JoNell and Raymond Shank of Globe, Ariz., and Gayle and Shirley Doyal; ‘ For Ethel Doyal from Don and Wynette Russell, Peggy and Jerrel Hemphill, Chocky Moore, Martha Hemphill, Stanley and Maurine Moore, Ronnie and Carol Gassiot, Narvel and Nelda Rogers, Joy Pruitt and Marie Richards; ‘ For Jannette Solsbery Jones from Don and Wynette Russell, Joy Pruitt, Gigi Harris; ‘ For Helen Hodges from Marie Richards; ‘ For Carroll and Grace Shaver White from Larry and Ann Walker, Brad and Shirley Ellis and Martha Hemphill; ‘ For Paul Moore from Martha Hemphill; ‘ For Diane Jefferys from Martha Hemphill; ‘ For Gene Selman from Martha Hemphill; ‘ For Larue Carroll Greer from Nelda and Narvel Rogers; ‘ For Lois Levon from Nelda and Narvel Rogers; ‘ For Elvard and Jo Simmons White from Brad and Shirley Ellis; ‘ For Barney and Claudia McBee from Carroll and Nelda Hodges, Billie and Houston Kennedy and Clem and Zora Pearson; ‘ For Dorothy Poe Schwertner from Clem and Zora Pearson. Donations have come from the Hemphill reunion, Church of Christ, Nadine Browning, Doyal family, Moore family and also a donation from Mickey Bloede to honor Rama Huie on her birthday. Thanks to all whose contributions help keep the Tabernacle and park looking good. The ladies are invited to attend a Bible Study beginning this Sunday at 6:30 at the Lohn Baptist Church. Shirley Doyal will be teaching. The subject is women of the Bible and it might be interesting to discover why mothers never name their daughters Jezebel. What I Did on my Vacation It has been awhile since I have been away overnight, so I thought it was time for a short vacation. Last week I went to Round Rock to visit my daughter, Jennifer, son-in-law, Mitch Rose, and grandchildren, William and Savannah. I also went to see a doctor, as I have had a few problems since having cataract surgery in November. Having enjoyed excellent health all of my life, a minimal amount of time has been spent in doctor`s waiting rooms. My daughter felt I should see a doctor, so off I went. Friends, Dub and Ann Smith of Brady drove me to Llano where my 17-year-old grandson and 11-year-old granddaughter met me. William has a brand new Dodge Ram truck (graduation gift) that is so big I could have used a hoist to enter and a parachute to bail out. We arrived back in the city in good order, and the fun part of my ‘vacation’ began Monday when I visited the doctor. The first order of business was filling out the usual forms containing unanswerable questions. Then, I met the young man with a long pony tail and ugly shirt, no white coat, who said he was the doctor. After he brought out the favorite diagnostic tool (the little hammer to tap one’s knees and elbows), and had me touch my nose with my finger, he declared that he could find nothing wrong with me. Just to be on the safe side, he wanted me to have an MRI on my brain. Finding a facility for this took a while, and eventually, the receptionist said we were going south. I discovered that is a catch phrase for driving across Austin. We did so and found the clinic where more papers were filled out, then another young man crammed me into a very tiny capsule, told me not to move and went away. After what seemed like an eternity inside, he let me out. He later reported to the doctor that he found ‘nothing in my head,’ which was good news, depending on one’s point of view. The return trip from down south went well for a short distance when we joined hundreds of other motorists in a four-lane game of gridlock, moving forward a foot at a time. Another exciting event was planned with a visit to a physical therapist, a very nice young lady with a sweet smile which was very deceiving as she inflicted quite a bit of pain on me for the better part of an hour. She works mainly with muscular young athletes, and I had to remind her that I was neither young nor athletic and would really like to be able to use my left arm for the remainder of my life. She ignored that remark and asked to see me for another session. I escaped intact, but I figured if she wanted to see me again she would have to come to Lohn, and since she had no idea of the location, I feel pretty safe from her diabolical machinations. My final encounter was with a neurologist in Round Rock. Mitch drove me through a maze of back streets along Brushy Creek, more than likely through the old stomping grounds of Sam Bass and his gang of train robbers, until we arrived at a new facility for more paper work. The examining room was so new that unlike the Norman Rockwell painting of the small boy checking out the doctor`s diploma while getting a shot, there was none on the wall for checking. Soon, another young man appeared, but this time he wore a white coat, and I was almost sure he was the “real McCoy,” as he had one of the little hammers in his coat pocket which he used to tap my elbows and my knees, giving a little extra tap on my arthritic knee. My left hand has had a tingling sensation for awhile, and as an extra added attraction, he stuck the fingers on that hand with a sharp toothpick. After touching my nose with my finger and a game based loosely on arm wrestling, he, too, said there was nothing wrong with me. My seventeen-year-old grandson, he aged while I was there, returned me to Llano, and I was once again back on familiar turf. After all the poking, tapping and general discomfort, my hand continues to tingle, and I am none the wiser as to what is wrong with me. It was a “fun” vacation. (I really am nervous now as there is a snake in my house.) A rose bush was planted in the cemetery last week in memory of Beth Spraggins Swenning. Beth`s sister, Patty Spraggins Hartt, of Snohomish, Wash. had requested a pink rose be planted in the flower bed near the flag pole. This EarthKind rose bush produces large roses, requires little water and blooms from spring through fall. Thanks to Shelia Van Zant who took time out to come and plant the bush. Shelia is a master gardener, and we appreciate her expertise.

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