Council moves ahead on golf course efforts

The Brady City Council met in regular session Wednesday morning, and almost immediately after taking the initial steps to open the meeting, three local residents spoke up and addressed the council during the citizens comments portion of the meeting. Up first, Bobby Williams, president of the Brady Golf Association (BGA), informed the council of a recent meeting held between the BGA and an engineering firm concerning the sprinkler system proposed for the golf course. In addition, they were notified that a qualified individual, knowledgeable in the field of sprinkler systems, was to meet with the association Thursday afternoon to further explore the feasibility of a workable and affordable irrigation system. Up next, David Galindo addressed the council with issues about permits. He stated that he had to wait to be issued a permit on two different occasions with one of those waits taking up the major portion of a day. The council responded by assuring him that his issues would be taken under advisement and studied. Finally, under citizens comments, Jesse Torres questioned if there was still a health inspector in the City of Brady. It was stated that the position is contracted to an out-of-town individual. With citizens comments addressed, the council moved on to the business portion of the meeting and authorized the mayor to sign off on the work completed by Darnell and Dickson in the relocation of utility lines. This item is required for the South Bridge Street renovation project in order to begin closing the loans with the Texas Water Development Board. The work performed by the crew was related only to the relocation of the utility lines and their work is warranted for one year. Up next, in considering a letter of intent with the golf association, it was noted by both Williams and the council that some language in the letter was ambiguous concerning what would happen if an outside entity were to lease the golf course. The question dealt with having the outside entity reimburse the association and/or take up the existing balance of a 10-year note. The language was changed to reflect the request and the letter was approved. In the city manager’s report, Merle Taylor asked Police Chief Tommy Payne to give the annual racial profiling report as required under state law. Payne reported that of the 1,938 total traffic and pedestrian stops, 1,854 were traffic-related and 84 were pedestrian. Of those stops, 1,490 were Caucasion, 60 African-American, four Native American and three Asian. Also, 1,275 of the stops were male with the remaining 662 female. Taylor summed up his discussion with reports from various departments and by giving an update on the South Bridge Street project. He also noted that a certified horse trainer had approached him about the possibility of training horses at the G. Rollie White Complex. Also, he reported that the used tire drive conducted on Saturday, March 3 was considered a huge success. Mayor James Stewart stated that the drive would be extended one more Saturday and that the city would be asking patrons to pay $1.50 per tire if they are financially able. Stewart said that the city has committed to pay 50 cents of the cost of the tires, but he has urged citizens to bring the tires in even if they cannot pay for their disposal. For this weekend’s collection, truck and tractor tires will be accepted, but at a higher fee for disposal and city hall should be contacted prior to the dropoff to arrange for payment. Mayor Stewart also said that he would be manning the acceptance point from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday to greet the public when they arrive to drop off their tires. Councilwoman Linda Lott said that she has received numerous complaints about the utility billing. An agreement was reached whereby the city will try to reach customers through the media to explain how the billing is done for each service listed on the utility bills.

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