McCulloch County covered by heavy snow

Feb. 22-25, 1966 McCulloch Countians awoke to an unusual sight Tuesday morning. The area surrounding Brady was blanketed with four inches of snow during the night and snow continued to fall in light to heavy flurries as The Herald went to press Tuesday afternoon. The short lived spring-like weather of the weekend faded as a cold front began dropping temperatures around 7 a.m. with the high reaching 45 degrees only to fall to 20 degrees and remain steady. A few small flakes of snow were visible Monday about 6 p.m. and the snowfall became progressively heavier until 9 p.m. Additional heavy snowfall overnight left Brady covered in white. Monday night, weather forecasters predicted a slow move to the east for the precipitation. Oddly enough, the snow and sleet were confined almost exclusively to Central Texas. All county schools were closed and business had slowed to a near standstill, with some businesses closing for the day. School children enjoyed the unexpected holiday and took advantage of the snowfall to build snowmen and throw snowballs, Traveling was held to a minimum Tuesday as the Texas Highway Department issued hazardous driving conditions. Workmen were busy sanding bridges and slick spots on the county highways and the hills in town were very slick early in the morning. Sanding of the hills was begun shortly after 8 a.m. Brady’s record snowfall was in Dec. 1929 when 16 inches fell in the Heart of Texas and remained on the ground for eight days. BULLETIN’The Heart of Texas area was in the middle of a heavy snowstorm at 2:30 p.m. as The Herald went to press. At 7 a.m., 4 inches of snow was on the ground and by mid-afternoon 7 inches had fallen. *** Interest high in Brady firemen’s rattler rodeo Plans for the Brady Fire Department’s first annual rattlesnake rodeo, Feb. 25-27, are complete and interest has exceeded the expectations of the sponsors of the event. L.J. Armstrong, chief of the department, said that numerous inquiries have been made about the show and they are looking forward to a successful hunt. The fire department is offering a first prize of $30 for the largest total weight in snakes caught with $10 each for the longest, heaviest, most rattles and the smallest snake. Second and third place will receive $25 and $20 respectively. Demonstrations by snake curator Bill Ransberger of Sweetwater, will be featured on each of the three days of the rodeo. *** Square dance club organized; sets dates Twenty couples met last Thursday night to organize a new square dance club. The Rev. William Douglas was chosen to serve as president. Also elected were Tom Wiley, vice president and Jim Feazelle, secretary-treasurer. The dues were set at 50 cents per couple per week. It was decided to continue meeting on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at the Boy Scout Lodge. Should the group grow any larger, a different facility will be necessary. Teacher for the class is Tom Wiley, who has many years experience in square dancing. The beginners class will be held open one more week to allow those who want to start now to come. Membership then will be closed to beginners until the class is scheduled. Experienced square dancers are always welcome to come. “Let’s consider it adult recreation, ya’ll come!” one member said. *** Prospects bright for Bulldog track team With 11 experienced trackmen returning to the squad this year. Coach K.Y. Owens is looking forward to a comparatively bright season this spring. The track season begins with a meet in Mason on Feb. 26. The remaining schedule is March 5, Winters; March 12, Brady Relays; March 19, open; March 26, San Angelo; April 3, Texas Relays; April 7, district meet in Brady; April 16, San Antonio and April 23, regional meet in Lubbock. A 35-man track squad with some promising new material will give Owens depth this year with some experienced athletes in every event. Returnees are Dennis Lane, Larry McCarroll, Dorman Moore, John Lee Davenport, Curtis Kidd, Gary Davenport, Puddin’ Jones, Bobbie Wade, Raymond Cary, Bill McNatt and Dolan Hargrove. Others member of the team will be Royce Lewis, Dewey Darley, Kenneth McBee, David Black, Jerry Alexander, Leroy Johnson, James Miller, Pat Elliott, David Ramsey, Morris Williams, Roger Friar, Larry Ruiz, Al Carroll, Dick Calliham, Mike Leifeste, Doug Snowden, Allen Suggs, Larry Mitchell, Steve Byrd, Dick Geeslin, John Lewis and Raymond Torres. Fifteen schools have already signed up for the 25th Annual Brady Relays on March 11.

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