Pick a pothole or two

Several years ago in San Antonio, a very forward- thinking city manager or administrator came up with a brilliant idea to fix city streets and make some money at the same time. It seems citizens had been complaining incessantly about little potholes and chug holes (aka “huge potholes”). Besides the phone calls berating the City staff and City workers, the complaints had crept into the newspaper and were downright embarrassing to the City. What the man with the idea concocted was a plan to ‘adopt a pothole.’ I am serious. This is the way the story was told to me. For a nominal fee, those people who had a pothole in front of their home or on their street, could go to the city repository and purchase a bucket of the black stuff crews are supposed to use on streets and potholes. After filling in the hole, they were instructed to drive over it until it settled. If they had any left over, they could be good citizens and return what was left or save it for the next need which in most probability would be real soon. The plan, of course, went over like a lead balloon and was abandoned. Under current conditions, the plan might soon need to be instituted here in Brady. Have you seen and or felt the potholes in our citywide paved streets’ Wow! I cannot offer an opinion as to what the cause of the erosion of holes is, but they have sprouted up all over town. Some of them are not even legitimate potholes. They are man-made. Almost seems like cheating. There are places that have had emergency water or gas line leaks that had to be repaired, but the ditches were only covered up with dirt and the top 13 or so lawyers have blown off and now make for a pot ditch’ all the way across the road.Some of the holes are monsters’in some cases 18 to 24 inches across and possibly a foot deep. At the corner of 13th (I think) and South Blackburn there are about three holes that are still full of water. How long has it been since it rained’ Those are killers, the top blends in with the roadway, and before you know it a wheel has hit it and you are bounced pretty good. Many of the potholes are right on the seam of the intersections. I can partially see how this can happen, but should it’ Church Street has some dandies in the 500 block. Some have been filled in’with dirt. Maybe someone already felt the need to adopt one. I can understand the added traffic from the construction to off streets bordering the work, but this is not the cause and effect all over town. Observing what the crews on South Bridge Street are doing on that street, it leaves a lot to be desired for the other streets; however, there were a number of streets that were given added base at the time of paving because they were going to have more traffic. In my humble opinion, it has not worked. Several council meetings ago I seem to remember training for street repairs was mentioned. I do not know if anyone attended or not. I have not seen too much activity on the streets. Was that training perhaps in filling buckets for people who are apt to line up to ‘adopt a pothole’EH

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