Mother and daughter

If you should be in San Angelo this Friday, Feb. 23, a visit to the stock show and rodeo would be in order, as a very pretty young lady from the Salt Gap area will be riding in the barrel race at 7.30 p.m. Four-year-old McKenzie Striegler has qualified for the junior barrel race held during the rodeo performance to showcase area youths prepping for life on the rodeo circuit. She will be the youngest rider this year. McKenzie began riding at one and one-half years of age and started barrel racing at three and one-half years old. She is in pre-k at Lohn and is the daughter of Lori and Barden Striegler. This very young rider should create quite a bit of excitement as she comes out on her quarter horse, Ace. He is a very large horse, and she a very small but confident little girl. McKenzie is following in her mother’s footsteps as Lori also developed a love for riding and rodeo competition at age two, running barrels since she was nine. She has been active in the arena for the past 32 years. Lori has always had a passion for horses and has passed it on to her daughter’a great way for them to spend time together and have fun, to boot. Lori’s real interest lies in training barrel horses. She likes the challenge of finding horses that have potential, working with them and seeing them become finished and trained to enter competition. McKenzie has already won a second place ribbon and thrives on the competition. She also just loves to ride for the sheer joy of it, and very often she can be found at the barn just hanging out with the horses. The Strieglers attend Lohn Baptist Church where Barden teaches adult Sunday School and leads singing. * * * There is a new addition to the Reed family. Derrick and Michelle Bobo have another little girl, Faith Alaine, born Jan. 15 in Abilene. Anna Reed Campbell is her grandmother. Klein and Celeta Reed are the great-grandparents, and Diane Reed is her great-aunt. The other young lady of the Bobo family is her sister, Trinity. * * * Joyce Curtis was here from Abilene for a weekend visit with her mom, Nadine Browning. * * * Debbie Johnson and Frances Bingham drove to Austin Saturday where Frances visited with her cousin, Laverne Necessary Pearson, while Debbie visited with friends. * * * Ann Walker had surgery on her left hand last Monday. The bandage was removed at the end of the week, and the Walker family journeyed to Oklahoma for a special occasion, the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mr. Cleo Quillen, Joan (Fullagar) Quillen’s father-in-law, and the 66th wedding anniversary of the 90-year-old and his wife, Barbara. * * * Brad and Shirley Ellis went from Austin to join the family at Enid Okla. Cleo and Barbara live in a lovely retirement home in Enid. * * * An attempt to raise the flag at the cemetery on Presidents’ Day failed due to high winds and failing arthritic hands; however, as I was leaving, a couple drove up and the young man did the honors. He and his mother had driven from San Angelo to visit the graves of grandparents, Marshall and Malissa Carroll. The lady, Betty Abbott, is the daughter of Arlon and Syble Carroll of Crane. Her son is Brent Arlon. During a brief tour of the Tabernacle, Betty shared a story that her Dad had told her of his memories of growing up in Lohn. As a very young boy, he was asked to sing for the school and community Christmas program. Arlon said he was given a choice of any Christmas song he would like to sing so the planners left it up to him to choose the one he liked best. When the time came for his solo, he stepped up on the stage, and having rejected all the suggested ones, gave a rare rendition of “Carry Me Back To Old Virginny,” a song no doubt he had learned in chapel as we sang all the old spirituals, hymns and patriotic songs at Monday morning chapel. * * * The drawing for the Lohn Eagles Booster Association’s rib-eye steak dinner for six will be this Friday after school. Whoever wins will enjoy a wonderful meal on March 3.

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